Top 3 Kindle Books to Buy on Amazon

Top 3 Kindle Books to Buy on Amazon

If you’re a reading lover and you’re new to Kindle, you don’t know what you’re missing!

With it, you can read hundreds of free books wherever you are, and you can still have the world’s biggest best sellers in the palm of your hand!

Discover now the 3 best-selling books for Kindle on Amazon:

3 – The Mafioso’s Enemy’s Daughter: Book 4 of the Mafia Alpha Series

The Mafioso’s Enemy’s Daughter is a mixture of espionage and raw love that will imprison you!

Leonid Korolev, the best sniper in the history of the Russian mafia, is what society calls a psychopath. He kills without remorse and the only things sacred to him are his four mafia friends.

Sierra Caballero, the daughter of a Mexican drug cartel boss, has spent her entire life on a mission to find her missing sister. But for that, she has to keep herself hidden from her father’s enemies.

And when she gets a job offer to be a personal assistant to a Russian billionaire, she believes fate is helping her in her plans. However, neither is what it seems.

Leonid owes his allegiance to those who depend on him, but he knows he won’t be able to turn his back on the woman who, from being the enemy’s daughter, has become his world.

2 – PROCRASTINATION: Scientific guide on how to stop procrastinating (definitely)

Feeling confused, busy and discouraged has become the new “normal” these days.

And maybe you even wonder: Why do I have so many resources in my favor and yet I procrastinate important tasks? Why do my days seem less and less productive?

But this situation must come to an end. With an objective approach, the book aims to unlock the mind, through the use of science-proven tactics to overcome the barriers that prevent an individual from realizing projects, tasks and old dreams.

Yea! I’m talking with you!
You no longer have to walk the productivity road alone. Let’s go together, towards victory!

1 – The Sly Deal. (Dangers and Protectors Book 1)

Do good girls go to heaven (even when they kill to survive)?

Serena was a studious, polite and adorable girl. However, her family had dark secrets that she had no idea about, much less did she know how much it would change her life in a single night.

Priest grew up on the streets. He has known hunger and pain and cold. Raised to be a lethal man, he made no secret of his cruel nature as president of the infamous Devil’s Ride club, the ultimate in adult entertainment.

But when an innocent young woman arrives bloodied on his doorstep, his life will change forever. He will do anything to protect the woman who managed to steal his heart with a single glance.

Note: This book is recommended for people over eighteen years of age and contains scenes of violence, profanity and explicit sex. It is not a dark novel, although it may contain triggers for sensitive readers.