Top 5 home appliances to buy on Amazon

Top 5 home appliances to buy on Amazon

Our house is a refuge from a busy life full of obstacles. And for our home not to become one more challenge among so many, we need to have good appliances to make our lives easier.

That’s why we’ve separated the top 5 home appliances on Amazon. Check out:

5– Consul 4-burner Stove

Everyone loves good home-cooked food, but there’s nothing worse than a clogged stove that’s hard to clean, right?

With that in mind, the Consul 4-burner stove features a one-piece front design, which makes cleaning simpler, and also features an oven with Cleartec technology: a completely smooth and enameled coating that prevents fat absorption.

Plus, the oven’s internal glass is sealed, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, helps not to increase the temperature of the product and makes it difficult for the external parts to yellow.

The model also has double enameled grilles, a sliding shelf adjustable in three heights and removable handles.

Buyers’ Opinion

Beautiful design, compact, efficient and economical. The food cooks very quickly, which saves gas, the oven is deep and all the knobs are light and firm, so it deserves the excellent 4.9 rating.

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4– Colormaq Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you live alone, or are looking for a cheap Washing Machine, Colormaq has the perfect solution!

The Colormaq Semi-automatic Washing Machine has a capacity of 12 kg and has a mechanical control panel that makes your routine a lot easier.

It even has five washing programs that clean from lightly soiled clothes to the heaviest, including duvets!

Buyers’ Opinion

Compact, powerful and easy to use washing machine! It washes very well, including jeans and baby clothes, doesn’t spoil the pieces, and it’s super spacious and quiet, which earned it the great 4.7 rating.

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3– Oikos laundry bag

And since the subject is washing clothes, how about investing in bags to wash delicate clothes?

The Oikos laundry bag kit comes in 3 different sizes, ranging from underwear to bed linen, preventing fabrics from forming balls or lining.

This laundry bags can also be very useful when it comes to organizing your travel bag and protecting those clothes that are not used on a daily basis in the closet.

In addition, they have their own compartment so that the zipper does not get caught in clothes.

Buyers’ Opinion

Cheap and very useful product for everyday life! They’re perfect for washing wool, bras and baby clothes, and they’re great for anyone with cats in the house, so they got the great 4.7 rating.

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2– Agratto Electric Table Stove

Have little space at home? Want to save gas? Then meet the Agratto electric stove!

The Agratto table stove works through electric resistances that can be used in any type of pan, and they heat up food much faster.

Compact and super stable, it can be used just about anywhere, from small kitchens to even makeshift campsites.

And to make cleaning easier and ensure a longer lifespan, it features an all-stainless steel body!

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent investment for those who want to save money or are terrified of running out of gas at lunchtime! It heats up fast and is extremely easy to clean and store, so it scored the big 4.7.

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1Flash Limp Mop Spray

No more fighting to clean the floor of the house! Meet the Flash Limp!

The Flash Limp Mop Spray is a super versatile product that sprays, cleans and dries the floor.

It has a 400ml dispenser to store and spray cleaning products and has a refill made of microfiber that can be washed in the machine.

Besides, its design has been planned to reach even the most difficult corners, and it can even be used for cold, synthetic or wood floors.

Buyers’ Opinion

Very practical mop to use! It stores a lot of product, has a powerful and easily activated spray, reaches every corner of the house and is easy to wash, so it deserves the great 4.7 rating.

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