Top 5 gaming items to buy on Amazon

Top 5 gaming items to buy on Amazon

If you’re looking for PS consoles and games, or looking for a cheap gaming mouse, your search ends here!

Today, we’ve separated the top 5 gaming items on the site. Check out:

5 – Mouse Gamer Redragon Cobra M711

We open our list with the most sought after gaming mouse on Amazon: the Redragon Cobra M711!

Featuring the well-loved Redragon Chroma Mark II lighting, which can be customized through Redragon software, the Mouse Gamer Cobra impresses with its beauty, comfort and precision.

It features 7 fully programmable buttons that allow quick access to actions, game-specific combos, or even software-configurable multimedia shortcuts.

Equipped with the 10000 DPI Pixart PWM 3325 sensor, the Redragon Cobra is an unrivaled performance choice for anyone looking for professional performance in a mouse.

Buyers’ Opinion

A great option for those who want a gaming mouse for the price. It is ergonomic, has a good finish and a perfect fit for palmgrip and fingertip grip, which guaranteed the great 4.8 score.

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4 – PlayStation®5 + Horizon Forbidden West

Experience new gameplay possibilities with the unbeatable PlayStation 5!

Discover an even deeper gaming experience with the help of the PS5’s haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio technology.

With it, you can play PS5 and PS4 games on Blu-ray Disc, and you can even download digital games for PS5 and PS4 from PlayStation Store!

And this promotional combo accompanies HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST, a game where you will explore distant lands, face bigger and more imposing machines, and find amazing new tribes.

Buyers’ Opinion

Powerful, ultra fast, silent and stylish console! The control has surreal commands, where you feel every texture, footprints and movements, getting to the point of getting cold if the game environment is like that! For offering an unimaginable experience, it scored the excellent 4.9.

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3 – Dualsense Controller for PS5

Discover a more immersive gaming experience that brings the action to life in the palms of your hands!

The DualSense wireless controller offers tactile feedback, adaptive trigger effects, and a built-in microphone, all in an iconic, comfortable design.

Experience varying forces and tensions at your fingertips with the adaptive triggers, and even chat with your friends online via the built-in microphone.

Buyers’ Opinion

DualSense is far superior to PS4, XBOX ONE and Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers. The immersion it brings with its dynamic vibrations, responsive triggers and sound coming straight out of it is an experience like no other. That’s why it scored the incredible 4.9.

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2 – God of War Ragnarök for PS4

And our second place goes to the pre-release of the most awaited game of the year: God of War Ragnarök!

Embark on an epic and heartbreaking journey where Kratos and Atreus struggle between wanting to stay together or separate.

Weapons of War: The Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and the Guardian Shield return along with a host of new abilities for Kratos and Atreus.

The launch edition contains as extra downloadable content Kratos’ Nevintensa Armor and Atreus’s Nevintensa Robe.

And if you buy the PS4 version of God of War Ragnarök, you can upgrade to PS5 for an additional $10 (*value subject to change).

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1 – Dualshock 4 Controller for PS4

And we close our list with Amazon’s best-selling gaming item!

The Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller for PS4 defines this generation of gaming, combining revolutionary features and comfort with precise, super-intuitive controls.

The feel, shape and sensitivity of the Dualshock 4’s analog sticks and trigger buttons give gamers absolute comfort and control in every game.

And with it, you can share the best gaming moments with your friends by pressing the share button. Plus, you can upload gameplay videos and screenshots directly from your system or stream your gameplay live, all without affecting the game’s progress.

Buyers’ Opinion

Original control and very beautiful! It connects perfectly with PS4 and can be used without any problem on PC. And despite being a cheap PS4 controller, it has firm and fluid buttons, so it deserved the high rating 4.7.

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