Top 5 electronics to buy on Amazon

Top 5 electronics to buy on Amazon

Electronics have arrived to make our lives easier, in addition to entertaining us for hours on end, of course.
And whether you love music, movies or reading, Amazon has the right electronics for you at the lowest price on the market.

Check out the top 5 electronics on Amazon:

5 – Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation)

We open our list with the most versatile smart device on the market, the Echo Show!

For those who don’t know, the Echo Show 5 is a smart device from Amazon that brings the famous virtual assistant Alexa. This means that it is able to play music, remember your appointments, tell you the news, give the weather forecast and much more, all by voice command.

Plus, the Echo Show 5 has a 5.5” screen capable of streaming movies, series and Facebook photos in high quality sound and image.

And thanks to a 2 MP camera, you can even make video calls!

Buyers’ Opinion

The Echo Show 5 is described as an excellent investment for the family. It has great volume, a quality image and entertains kids of all ages, so it received the high rating 4.8.

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4Amazon Fire TV Stick

And since the subject is screen, meet the amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fast, Full HD streaming service that includes a remote with voice commands.

By holding down the button, you can ask Alexa to search and launch content on Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Music, Spotify and more!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick also has Live TV, Free TV with VIX, Pluto TV and Red Bull TV, and you can even access paid sports channels like Vivo Play, DAZN and others.

Buyers’ Opinion

Buyers can only praise the sound and picture quality of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. In addition to accessing dozens of streaming services in Full HD quality, Amazon’s Fire TV doesn’t crash and the new control is still able to increase and decrease the volume, so it received the great score 4.8.

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3Echo Dot (4th Generation)

And it’s time for the trendy Echo Dot 4th Generation!

The Echo Dot 4th Generation is a smart device that features the world’s most beloved virtual assistant, Alexa. So you can ask the Echo Dot to play your favorite songs, tell you the news, give the weather forecast, and more.

In addition, it also records reminders, serves as a timer, alarm and clock, of course. By the way, the Echo Dot 4th Generation has a super bold design that shows off a beautiful digital clock!

Buyers’ Opinion

You won’t regret buying the Echo Dot 4th Generation! This smart device, in addition to being super practical, has a very modern design that makes any environment more beautiful. It also has excellent volume and enhanced speakers, so it received the excellent 4.9 rating.

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2 – Kindle (10th Generation)

Now, if you’re one of the people who love a good book, you’re going to love Kindle!

Kindle is a reading device capable of storing thousands of books and streaming on a 6″ screen that fits in the palm of your hand.

It downloads at high speeds, has a battery that lasts for weeks, and even has an adjustable interior light and anti-glare technology so you can enjoy your book even outdoors.

And don’t worry, because with Kindle you can also bookmark your favorite passages!

Buyers’ Opinion

Buyers say it’s much easier and more comfortable to read on Kindle than on any other device. It has a huge catalog of books, many are free, the battery lasts forever and you can store entire sagas, so it deserves the incredible 4.9 rating.

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1Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

And we close our list with the cheapest and best selling Echo Dot on Amazon!

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is described by many as the best smart device on Amazon, as in addition to having all the features of Alexa, including smart home controls, it still seems to have the best volume level and the sharpest “ears” than the new generations.

So, if you want to save money and buy a cheap Echo Dot with all the features of the others, this Old But Gold device is a great choice!

Buyers’ Opinion

There is no lack of comments praising the excellent cost-benefit ratio of the Echo Dot 3rd generation, as it doesn’t lose anything to the new models, other than the fact that it doesn’t show the time. As a cheap and functional smart device, it scored an impressive 4.9 rating.

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