The 5 most wanted home appliances on Black Friday Amazon 2022

The 5 most wanted home appliances on Black Friday Amazon 2022

Black Friday Amazon is coming, and you can’t miss the biggest sale in the world! Take advantage of Black Friday Amazon to buy appliances with up to 40% off and still receive free shipping!

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge annual sale that takes place in several countries simultaneously, always on the last Friday of November.

But despite being known around the world, Black Friday appeared in the United States during the 20th century, when some sellers decided to take advantage of the great Thanksgiving holiday (celebrated on the 4th Thursday of the month) to boost sales of gifts from Christmas.

However, the name Black Friday only appeared in the 1990s, arousing the curiosity and desire for shopping from crowds across the country.

The huge success of this sale ended up drawing the attention of retailers from other countries, and Black Friday spread across the four major continents, even though there was no holiday like Thanksgiving outside the United States and Canada.

Is Black Friday worth the wait?

Many people wonder if it’s really worth waiting for Black Friday to buy the product they want so much. And the answer is: YES! Especially when it comes to home appliances.

One of the reasons why Black Friday has become so popular in many countries is the huge discount offered on products such as refrigerators, microwaves, electric ovens and appliances such as blenders and mixers.

This year, discounts for appliances on Black Friday Amazon, for example, reach 50%. That is, this is the best time for you that product you saw on TV for a much cheaper price!

The 5 Most Wanted Home Appliances on Black Friday Amazon 2022

5 – Mop Spray Flash Limp MOP7800

No more work when cleaning the floor! Meet the Mop Spray Flash Limp!

Mop Spray Flash Limp is a super versatile product that sprays, cleans and dries cold, synthetic or wooden floors.

It has a 400ml dispenser to store and spray cleaning products, and it also has a refill made of microfiber that can be washed in the washing machine.

In addition, its articulated design is designed to reach even the most difficult corners, passing under the sofa or bed without any problem.

Buyers’ Opinion

Very practical mop to use! It stores a lot of product, has a powerful spray, reaches every corner of the house and is very easy to wash. Note received: 4.6.

4 – Chamalux 4-burner Cooktop

Practical, elegant and economical are words that describe this beautiful 4-burner cooktop!

The Chamalux Ultra Chama features a tempered glass table and enameled burners that are super resistant to corrosion, increasing the product’s useful life by years.

There are 03 1750w semi-fast burners and 01 2200w ultra fast burner with automatic ignition for you to save cooking time and gas, of course.

Speaking of savings, the Chamalux Ultra Chama has an A rating for energy consumption!

Buyers’ Opinion

Beautiful cooktop! In addition to having a super modern design, just wipe it clean! It even has very high flames, which speeds up the cooking process, and lights up as soon as the knob is turned. Note received: 4.7.

3 – Slim Sugar Air Purifier

Everyone loves a fry! But nobody deserves the smell that lingers around the house, right?

The Suggar Slim Air Purifier and Hood features 3 super powerful suction speeds and a dual activated carbon filtration system. Therefore, it prevents smoke from spreading through the house and eliminates unwanted odors without difficulty, especially that smell of frying that everyone hates.

It even has a snap-in system that makes it easy to remove the aluminum grids, making cleaning up accumulated grease much easier!

Buyers’ Opinion

Beautiful debugger, easy to install and with great suction capacity. Also, it doesn’t throw the sucked air up, which is great for those who have air lockers. Note received: 4.6.

2 – Washer Suggar Lavamax Eco 10kg

If you’re tired of washing clothes by hand, but don’t want to spend a lot on a washing machine, Suggar has the perfect solution!

The Lavamax Eco Semi-Automatic Washing Machine has a capacity of 10 kg and has the largest beater in the category, delivering clean clothes without any effort.

It has six washing programs that clean from lightly soiled clothes to the heaviest. In addition, it has low energy consumption, three sauces system and automatic shutdown.

Buyers’ Opinion

Compact, powerful and very easy to use washing achine! It washes clothes very well, doesn’t spoil the pieces, and is still super spacious and quiet. Note received: 4.7.

1 – Minibar 45L Midea

And we close our list with a perfect product for those who have little space in the kitchen!

Super compact and space-optimized, the Midea 45L Minibar has a quick-freeze compartment for drinks and a door with compartments for storing bottles or condiments.

It even has a thermostat for you to control the temperature of food precisely, and it has a low energy consumption seal!

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent investment! Small fridge on the outside, but very spacious and very efficient. It chills drinks very quickly and is still super quiet. Note received: 4.8.