The 5 most wanted car accessories on Black Friday Amazon 2022

The 5 most wanted car accessories on Black Friday Amazon 2022

Black Friday Amazon is coming, and you can’t miss the biggest sale in the world! Take advantage of Black Friday Amazon to buy automotive accessories with up to 40% off and still receive free shipping!

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge annual sale that takes place in several countries simultaneously, always on the last Friday of November.

But despite being known around the world, Black Friday emerged in the United States during the 20th century, when some sellers decided to take advantage of the great Thanksgiving holiday -held on the fourth Thursday of November- to boost sales of gifts from Christmas.

However, the name Black Friday only appeared in the 1990s, arousing the curiosity and desire for shopping from crowds across the country.

The huge success of this sale ended up drawing the attention of retailers from other countries, and Black Friday spread across the four major continents, even though there was no holiday like Thanksgiving outside the United States and Canada.

Is Black Friday worth the wait?

Many people wonder if it’s really worth waiting for Black Friday to buy the product they want so much. And the answer is: YES!

This year, discounts for automotive accessories on Black Friday Amazon, for example, reach 50%. In other words, this is the best time for you to boost your car with functional and stylish accessories!

The 5 most wanted car accessories on Amazon Black Friday 2022

5 – Mp3 Player Pioneer Media Receiver MVH-98UB

Are you looking for a cheap Mp3 Player with a powerful sound? Then invest in a Pioneer!

Pioneer Media Receiver MVH-98UB is an Mp3 Player capable of playing MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC files. Its LCD display has brightness and contrast adjustment + Dimmer (brightness adjustment), in addition to Display Off (turns off the illumination of the keys and panel).

It also features AM/FM radio, subwoofer, 5-band graphic equalizer, and 3-level Loudness functions (boost bass and treble) and 6-level Bass Booster (bass booster).

As connection options, this Mp3 Player has USB input and P2 auxiliary input.

Buyers’ Opinion

No frills, no Bluetooth, this Pioneer Mp3 Player has a sturdy construction, a very powerful sound and delivers powerful bass. It also has HPF/FULL/LPF control, navigation between folders with on-screen labeling and very responsive commands, so it deserves the great 4.7 rating.

4 – Booster Cable 2.5M 100A Multilaser

If you’ve ever been stuck on the road with a car you didn’t want to start at all, it’s time to change that situation!

The Multilaser booster cable is ideal for use in light cars and small utility vehicles.

It is 2.5 meters long, has a load capacity of 100 amps and a gauge of 7.5 mm.

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent investment for home use! The cable gets a little hot, but it can handle big cars like the Duster and Hilux. Its length is perfect and it even comes with a protective cover, which guaranteed the excellent 4.7 rating.

3 – Pioneer TS-C170BR Speakers

Is it power you want? Then check out this Pioneer speaker kit!

With the Pioneer TS-C170BR two-way kit, you’ll get high power combined with high sensitivity, with great efficiency across the entire frequency range. In addition, this kit allows easy installation due to its small depth, and your Tweeter comes with brackets so you can find the ideal position inside the vehicle.

SPECIFICATIONS: Ø165 mm (6-1/2” Dia.) Woofer – Water Resistant, Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone, High Fidelity, Rounded Edge, Heat Resistant Voice Coil; Tweeter Ø 30 mm (1-1/8” Dia.) – Molded polycarbonate diaphragm, Neodymium magnet: 3g; Rated impedance 4 ohms; Sensitivity 87 dB; Frequency response 35 Hz to 20 kHz; Maximum music power 60W; Rated power 60 W; Crossover frequency 4.7 kHz; Woofer Low Pass Filter (LPF) – 6 dB/oct.; Tweeter High Pass Filter (HPF) – 12 dB/oct.

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent kit! Quality speakers, clean sound and powerful bass. And the best, it still comes with the frequency divider! It’s a great value for money for those looking for in-car sound, which is why it received the great 4.6 rating.

2 – Hanemia Trunk Organizer

No more clutter in the trunk! Meet the organizer Hanemia!

The Hanemia trunk organizer was developed to allow a better use of space, in addition to keeping everything in its place, of course.

It is made from premium 600D PVC fabric, a durable, stable and waterproof material. There are 3 large pockets and a uniquely designed bottle holder for hanging.

Plus, the straps are reinforced and adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of items or the size of your vehicle, as it fits 90% of SUVs.

Product dimensions: 9 cm long and 25 cm wide.

Buyers’ Opinion

Small organizer, but with great use of space! The material is of high quality, it is easy to clean and has a good fit. It’s perfect for those with kids who need to carry a lot of small things, so it got the great 4.4 rating.

1 – Multilaser Groove MP5 player

And we close our list with the best-selling automotive accessory on Amazon: the Multilaser Groove!

Equipped with high power and a 4-inch LCD screen, Multilaser Groove allows you to watch videos through SD or USB cards in MP4 and MP5 formats.

And through Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls and play MP3 music from apps like Amazon Music and Spotify. In addition, Multilaser Groove features LOUD, a mode that enhances audio and allows bass and treble equalization.

Finally, you can even follow all the movements of your reverse camera directly on the screen!

Buyers’ Opinion

Multilaser Groove has a loud and well defined sound, makes good calls and shows the clock even when turned off. For being a cheap, powerful and functional sound, it got the big note 4.7.