The 5 most wanted Bluetooth earphones on Black Friday Amazon 2022

The 5 most wanted Bluetooth earphones on Black Friday Amazon 2022

Black Friday Amazon is coming, and you can’t miss the biggest sale in the world! Take advantage of Black Friday Amazon to buy Bluetooth earphones with up to 40% off and still receive free shipping!

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge annual sale that takes place in several countries simultaneously, always on the last Friday of November.

But despite being known around the world, Black Friday emerged in the United States during the 20th century, when some sellers decided to take advantage of the great Thanksgiving holiday -held on the fourth Thursday of November- to boost sales of gifts from Christmas.

However, the name Black Friday only appeared in the 1990s, arousing the curiosity and desire for shopping from crowds across the country.

The huge success of this sale ended up drawing the attention of retailers from other countries, and Black Friday spread across the four major continents, even though there was no holiday like Thanksgiving outside the United States and Canada.

Is Black Friday worth the wait?

Many people wonder if it’s really worth waiting for Black Friday to buy the product they crave so much. And the answer is: YES! Especially when it comes to electronics.

One of the reasons why Black Friday has become so popular in many countries is the huge discount offered on products such as televisions, stereos, cell phones and their accessories.

The discounts for these products on Black Friday Amazon, for example, reach 50%. Therefore, it is the best time for you to buy the Bluetooth earphone you crave so much.

The 5 most wanted Bluetooth earphones on Black Friday Amazon 2022

5 – Lenovo LP1S

We open our list with the cheapest Bluetooth earphone: the Lenovo Live Pods LP1S!

This beautiful earphone with rubbers was created to be a more economical option for the trendy Apple AirPods, and it is making the biggest success for providing sound quality with an excellent level of volume and super powerful bass.

It also features a high-sensitivity microphone that features environmental noise reduction technology, offering interference-free audio at a great volume level.

And for those who like games, the Lenovo Live Pods LP1S features Bluetooth 5.0 that guarantees connection stability up to 10m and delivers zero delay on intermediate or more advanced smartphones.

Finally, it provides protection against water splashes by ipx4 and achieves an autonomy of 4 hours of continuous music playback at medium volume.

Buyers’ Opinion

The Lenovo Live Pods LP1S are super light, comfortable and have a great fit. It delivers a very high volume level, very immersive sound quality and excellent noise reduction during calls. For being a cheap and great quality Bluetooth earphone, it received the great score 4.5.

4QCY T13

Make way for the cost-effective king of Bluetooth earphones: the mighty QCY T13!

This QCY earphone has a very simple construction, but it achieves an excellent autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback.

And when it comes to sound quality, the QCY T13 leaves many more expensive competitors behind, with a super loud volume level, well-defined tones and extremely powerful bass.

It also has 4 microphones that surprise by delivering clear enough audio for informal conversations, such as calls between friends and online matches.

Last but not least, the QCY T13 achieves the feat of delivering zero delay on any type of game or device, including entry-level smartphones.

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent option for those who want to save! Although not anti-noise, the QCY T13 isolates ambient sound well, which creates a very good immersion. It’s also super comfortable, has powerful bass, great mics, and still handles any game without delay, so it deserves the high rating 4.7.

3 – Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

And it’s time for the most beautiful Bluetooth earphone ever created: the very elegant Samsung Galaxy Buds Live!

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is at a great discount on Amazon, which explains the huge demand for this earphone that, in addition to being beautiful, has a sound quality that makes competitors envious.

It delivers an extremely high volume level, very well defined tones and bass that allow us to feel the beat of the music. Plus, it features ANC modes that create excellent sound immersion, perfect for diving into the world of music without being disturbed by anything.

Its ergonomic design also guarantees a lot of comfort for those who want to face the 8 hours of consecutive music playback it offers (6 hours with ANC on).

And despite bringing the already outdated Bluetooth 5.0, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live manages to deliver zero delay on intermediate and advanced smartphones, even when running heavy games.

By the way, it has great microphones that can be used in any type of call.

Buyers’ Opinion

Even though it’s not in-ear, Galaxy Buds Live offers good isolation and great sound quality. It also has a pretty stable connection and is great for calls and video conferences as the microphones are very good. All this earned him the excellent grade of 4.7.

2 – Tranya T30

Are you looking for a cheap, stable and resistant Bluetooth earphone? Meet the Tranya T30!

To get ahead of the competition, Tranya T30 brings two musical modes that promise to cover all types of audiences: Normal Mode, for those who like highs and a more balanced quality, and Bass Boosted, for those who enjoy powerful bass, such as metal lovers.

This differentiated sound quality is repeated in the microphones, which deliver very clean audio with an excellent volume level.

Another differential of this earphone with rubbers is its protection against water by ipx7, which allows the earphones to be immersed in a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

In addition, it offers a great autonomy of 8 hours of continuous playback and even brings a Bluetooth 5.1 that guarantees zero delay on intermediate smartphones.

Buyers’ Opinion

The Tranya T30 surprises in every way, with impeccable sound quality, excellent microphones, a super stable connection and a long-lasting battery. It’s perfect for music lovers, gamers and video conferencing, so it deserves the amazing 4.8 rating.

1 – JBL Wave 200TWS

And we close our list with Amazon’s best-selling Bluetooth earphone: the JBL Wave 200TWS!

JBL is famous around the world for producing sound equipment with the best quality on the market, and this could not be different in its line of Bluetooth earphones.

The JBL Wave 200TWS features earphones with rubber bands that fit perfectly in the ears, providing comfort and good isolation from the environment. Its sound quality is praised for its balance and excellent volume level, with very well defined tones and a great stereo effect.

It still has microphones with a great volume level and very little interference that, even being a little muffled, offers a good quality for informal conversations.

And despite not having advanced protection against water, as it brings ipx2, the JBL Wave 200TWS achieves an excellent autonomy of 5 hours of continuous music playback.

Finally, it brings a Bluetooth 5.0 with low latency in intermediate and advanced smartphones.

Buyers’ Opinion

The JBL Wave 200TWS is a very simple earphone, but it offers a lot of quality. It is perfect to be used at home and enjoy music or marathon series, as it has excellent sound quality and a long battery life, which guaranteed the great 4.6 rating.