The 5 most wanted Amazon devices on Black Friday Amazon 2022

The 5 most wanted Amazon devices on Black Friday Amazon 2022

Black Friday Amazon is coming, and you can’t miss the biggest sale in the world! Take advantage of Black Friday Amazon to buy Amazon devices with up to 40% off and still get free shipping!

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge annual sale that takes place in several countries simultaneously, always on the last Friday of November.

But despite being known around the world, Black Friday appeared in the United States during the 20th century, when some sellers decided to take advantage of the great Thanksgiving holiday to boost sales of Christmas gifts.

However, the name Black Friday only appeared in the 1990s, arousing the curiosity and desire for shopping from crowds across the country.

The huge success of this sale ended up drawing the attention of retailers from other countries, and Black Friday spread across the four major continents, even though there was no holiday like Thanksgiving outside the United States and Canada.

Is Black Friday worth the wait?

Many people wonder if it’s really worth waiting for Black Friday to buy the product they want so much. And the answer is: YES! Especially when it comes to electronics.

One of the reasons why Black Friday has become so popular in many countries is the huge discount offered on products such as televisions, stereos, cell phones and smart devices.

This year, discounts for Amazon devices on Black Friday Amazon, for example, reach 50%. In other words, this is the best time for you to buy Kindle, Echo Dot or Fire TV Stick and make your life much easier and more fun!

The 5 most wanted Amazon devices on Black Friday Amazon 2022

5 – Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB

We open our list with the best value for money in reading devices: the Kindle Paperwhite!

Kindle Paperwhite features a large 6.8″ screen with anti-glare technology and a night mode that inverts colors for easy reading and no strain on your eyes in low light.

Its battery is quite efficient, allowing for 45 minutes of daily reading for up to a month per charge.

And unlike other Kindles, the Paperwhite is completely waterproof. So, if he falls into the bathtub, no problem, as he can be submerged for up to 60 min in 6ft of fresh water.

Finally, the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite model has 8GB of memory, and since each book is around 2-3MB, you don’t have to worry about how many books you can store.

Buyers’ Opinion

I’ve had all previous Kindles, including the Oasis, this one is different! Starting with the warm (yellowish) light for the night. Lighting is uniform and invisible. Also, USB Type-C charging is much more efficient. All these enhancements earned the excellent 4.9 score.

4Echo Dot 3rd Generation

And it’s time for the Echo Dot 3rd Generation, the most beloved Amazon device in the crowd!

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is described by many as the best smart device on Amazon, as in addition to having all the features of Alexa, including smart home controls, it still seems to have the best volume level and the sharpest “ears”. than the new generations.

So, if you want to save money and buy a cheap Echo Dot with all the features of the others, this Old But Gold device is a great choice!

Buyers’ Opinion

There is no lack of comments praising the excellent cost-benefit ratio of the Echo Dot 3rd generation, since it doesn’t lose anything to the new models, other than the fact that it doesn’t show the time. As a cheap and functional smart device, it scored an impressive 4.9 rating.

3Echo Dot 4th Generation

Of course, the Echo Dot 4th Generation couldn’t be left out, could it?

With a much bolder design than its predecessor, the Echo Dot 4th Generation conquers by the eyes.

This Amazon smart device is capable of playing your favorite songs, answering questions, giving the weather forecast, telling the news of the day and much more.

The Echo Dot 4th Generation still displays the time, records reminders and serves as a timer and alarm clock, being of great help for the day to day rush.

Buyers’ Opinion

You won’t regret buying the Echo Dot 4th Generation! This smart device, in addition to being super practical, has a very modern design that makes any environment more beautiful. It also has excellent volume and enhanced speakers, so it received the excellent 4.9 rating.

2 – Kindle 10th Generation

Let’s meet Amazon’s best-selling reading device, the Kindle 10th Generation!

The Kindle 10th Generation features a 6″ screen that fits in the palm of your hand, avoiding pain while reading. It still has 8GB of memory, so it’s capable of storing thousands of books without crashes.

In addition, it downloads at high speed, has a battery that lasts for up to 4 weeks, and it still has adjustable interior light and anti-glare technology for you to enjoy your book outdoors.

Oh, and with the 10th Generation Kindle you can bookmark your favorite snippets!

Buyers’ Opinion

Buyers say it’s much easier and more comfortable to read on Kindle than on any other device. It has a huge catalog of books, many are free, the battery lasts forever and you can store entire sagas, so it deserves the incredible 4.9 rating.

1Fire TV Stick Lite

And we close our list with the most sought after Amazon device by the crowd: the Fire TV Stick Lite!

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is a Full HD streaming service that turns your regular TV into a smart one! It is capable of storing dozens of movie and series programs, and it also features the most beloved virtual assistant in the world, Alexa.

Through the controller, you can ask Alexa to search and launch content on Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Music, Spotify and more!

In addition, the Fire TV Stick Lite also has live TV and can access paid sports channels like Vivo Play and DAZN.

Buyers’ Opinion

Buyers have nothing but praise for the sound and picture quality of the Fire TV Stick Lite. In addition to accessing dozens of streaming services in Full HD quality, Amazon’s Fire TV does not crash and the new control is still capable of increasing and decreasing the volume, which guaranteed the great 4.8 score.