How to buy cheap original sneakers on AliExpress

How to buy cheap original sneakers on AliExpress

Many people dream of sporting an original Nike sneaker, but cannot afford the high price charged in national stores. Others are looking for a lucrative source of income, such as reselling original shoes, but they just don’t know where to buy the cheapest branded sneakers.

And here’s a little bit of information: most Adidas, Nike and other coveted sneakers are made in China.

That’s right! Although these brands have their image linked to the USA, they originate in China, which explains the fact that AliExpress is filled with offers of original sneakers.

To give you an idea, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, Oakley, Fila, Converse and Asics sneakers are about 30% cheaper on AliExpress, generating excellent savings for those who want to enjoy a sneaker brand, or for those who want to resell original sneakers with a good profit margin.

But beware of imitations, right? Because there are bad faith stores that sell counterfeit brand sneakers as if they were original.

So today we are going to teach you everything you need to know to buy cheap and original brand sneakers on AliExpress. Check out:

How to know if the shoe is really original

First, for you to be sure that the shoe is original, you need to check the reviews. You should also check the store’s reliability by looking at its number of followers, the rating received and feedback from those who have already purchased from it.

This is very important to find out if the seller ships quickly, uses good packaging, and responds to buyers and helps them when needed.

Another golden tip is to buy only from ads with “free returns” and “75-day consumer protection”. That way, you will be insured if you don’t receive an original sneaker.

Price difference between national stores and AliExpress

See, in practice, the difference in price between an Adidas purchased on Amazon and AliExpress:

Adidas Dame 7 EXTPLY US purchased at Amazon: US$204,00 + delivery fee
Same model purchased from AliExpress: US$98,00 with free delivery

* Search made on 07/09/22

That is, you save no less than US$106,00 when you buy the same Adidas on AliExpress.
So even if you get taxed, you’ll still save approximately US$50,00.

But be careful: if your intention is to resell original sneakers, you should choose the more expensive models. That’s because, the more expensive the sneaker, the greater the price difference and your profit margin.

Advantages and disadvantages of importing original shoes from China

As with everything in life, importing original shoes from China has its positive and negative sides.

We have two great advantages when buying an original sneaker on AliExpress for resale or personal use: price and exclusivity.

The exclusivity is due to the fact that many local stores do not have some of the models available on AliExpress for sale. So, if the customer is looking for a specific model and you are one of the few that has it, the sale is almost certain. If you want the sneakers for your own use, surely everyone will want to find out how you got such an exclusive model.

And as we showed above, on AliExpress you can find the same original sneakers up to 50% cheaper than in other online stores such as Amazon. This means that you can negotiate a good value with your customer and still have an excellent profit margin.

On the negative side, we have: the delivery time and the possibility of returning.

If you follow our tip and only buy products that have “free returns” and “75-day consumer protection”, there is nothing to worry about if you don’t like the shoes or don’t receive what you bought. The only inconvenience would be having to wait for a refund from the seller, which usually doesn’t take more than 15 days after the product is returned.

And as the product comes from China, the delivery time may be a little long. But AliExpress delivery time has improved a lot in the last year, being an average of 15 to 20 days, so you may receive your shoes much sooner than expected.

Where to resell original shoes bought from China

If you want to start your own imported sneaker resale business, but don’t know where to start, know that many people are making money through Instagram.

This social network is widely used for sales and allows the promotion of its products at zero cost. And if you still don’t have a lot of followers, or have created an exclusive profile for resale (which we advise), you can still promote products for very little money.

And if you want to expand your business and make the delivery and payment process easier, a good option is to advertise your original shoes imported from China on Shopee.

This platform facilitates the payment of purchases, attracting many consumers, and offers guarantees for those who buy and for those who sell. In addition, depending on the type of contract, Shopee may collect the product and take care of the entire delivery process.

Of course, these services are charged, but the increase in sales will offset the fees paid.

Is it worth buying an original sneaker on AliExpress?

A lot of people wonder if it’s worth buying an original sneaker on AliExpress, and the answer is: yes!

Even at the risk of being taxed (which happens with any import), the huge price difference ends up paying off in the end, especially when it comes to the more expensive models.

And as we said before, shoes from famous brands like Adidas and Nike are mostly made in China. Therefore, when a new model is launched, it quickly becomes available on AliExpress, which guarantees exclusivity for those who buy there.

Besides, AliExpress offers a money-back guarantee (sealed products), so you don’t have to worry if the shoes you receive don’t match the ones in the ad.

The 10 best selling sneakers on AliExpress

Men’s shoes

Atmosphere Sports Shoes

We open our list with a stylish sneaker that is conquering AliExpress!

These inexpensive men’s sports shoes are made from breathable material and feature a cushioned sole with anti-impact technology. It also features an ultra-soft insole that guarantees foot rest during physical exercises.

And in addition to having a super stylish design, you can still choose from 14 colors!

Buyers’ Opinion

Extremely beautiful shoes, light and comfortable. It has an insole that molds to the feet and very efficient shock absorbers, so it can be used during long walks. Note received: 4.8.

– Buy these men’s sports shoes cheaper on AliExpress by clicking here.

Damyuan hiking shoes

Are you looking for a cheap men’s sneaker for everyday life? Then check out Damyuan sneakers!

Damyuan hiking shoes are made of breathable fabric and have a super flexible non-slip sole. Plus, they only weigh 150 grams, so they can be worn for long hours without causing any discomfort.

And to suit all tastes, you can choose between 2 models and 16 stylish colors.

Buyers’ Opinion

According to users, Damyuan sneakers are very beautiful and can be used in any environment. They are also extremely comfortable and quite flexible. Note received: 4.8.

– Buy these hiking shoes cheaper on AliExpress by clicking here.

Bona casual sneakers

And it’s time for the best-rated men’s sneaker on AliExpress: the Bona casual sneaker!

Bona is famous on AliExpress for delivering high quality men’s sneakers at a fair price.

And this casual model has an exclusive technology that evenly distributes the weight of the body, making the feet arrive rested at the end of the day, in addition to being produced in breathable fabric, which guarantees dry and healthy feet.

Buyers’ Opinion

The men’s tennis with the best cost-benefit on the site! It has an impeccable finish, is produced with premium materials and can be used anywhere. Note received: 5.

– Buy the cheapest Bona casual sneakers on AliExpress by clicking here.

High Quality Safety Shoes

Style and resistance are words that describe one of the most sought after sneakers on AliExpress!

High Quality safety shoes were developed to be extremely safe and comfortable, guaranteeing hours of work without pain or risks.

It has a rubber sole that, in addition to being non-slip, has protection against piercing objects. Plus, it brings internal protection for the fingers, preventing crushing.

Buyers’ Opinion

Reviews are all praise for this ultra-resistant men’s sneaker. It’s stylish, beautifully finished, resists almost anything and is surprisingly comfortable. Note received: 4.8.

– Buy the cheapest High Quality safety shoes on AliExpress by clicking here.

Bona Trekking Shoes

And we close the list with the best selling men’s sneakers on AliExpress!

The Trekking Bona shoe was designed to ensure safety and comfort during trails and climbs, so it features an ultra-resistant non-slip sole.

It also has a rubberized finish that prevents water from entering, making it a great companion for riverside trails.

Buyers’ Opinion

Beautiful shoes, extremely comfortable and super resistant. There are buyers claiming that they have been using the Bona sneaker for over 10 years, and it is still intact. Excellent investment! Note received: 4.9.

– Buy the cheapest Trekking Bona sneakers on AliExpress by clicking here.

Women’s shoes

Fujin women’s platform sneakers

To show we’re not kidding around, we’ve opened our list with one of the most desired women’s sneakers in the world!

The Chunky Sneaker Fujin is made from genuine material, which may not be very cool for animal lovers, but it guarantees a shoe that will last a lifetime.

It also has a state-of-the-art insole and an ultra-soft sole of 5.5 centimeters!

Buyers’ Opinion

Simply flawless! The Chunky Sneaker Fujin draws attention wherever it goes and makes any look super stylish. It is still very well made and incredibly comfortable. Note received: 5.

– Buy Chunky Sneaker Fujin cheaper on AliExpress by clicking here.

DKRUCAK summer shoes

Nobody deserves to have sweaty feet all summer, do they?
That’s why this charming women’s knitted sneaker is a fever on AliExpress!

The DKRUCAK summer sneaker is made of breathable, high-elastic mesh and features an all-over design to avoid that stuffy feeling on your feet during the hottest summer days.

It also has a non-slip sole and an ultra-soft insole that will make you feel in the clouds. And to match any outfit, you can choose from 5 super charming colors.

Buyers’ Opinion

Think of a beautiful sneakers! It’s perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool, as it’s super comfortable, dries fast and goes with pretty much everything! Note received: 4.8.

– Buy these cheap women’s summer sneakers on AliExpress by clicking here.

Women’s Basic Shoes

Are you looking for a basic sneaker to take a walk in the park or walk around?

These super-cheap women’s shoes from AliExpress feature a classic and timeless design that can be worn for walks, hikes or even to work.

It is made of breathable fabric and has a very flexible sole, so it can be worn all day without any discomfort. And you can still choose from 7 beautiful colors.

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent value for money for those who want a cheap sneaker that goes with everything. It has a great finish, a comfortable insole and a charming color combination. Note received: 4.8.

– Buy these basic women’s sneakers cheaper on AliExpress by clicking here.

Slip On Hajink

You know that super versatile sneaker that matches any outfit and anywhere?

Hajink sneakers bring the most darling model of the moment: the Slip On. This means you just slide your foot into the shoe, which is great for your everyday hustle.

And for that, it is produced in a malleable knitting fabric, which gives a more delicate look to the piece and avoids pain in the toes, in addition to ensuring a dry foot at the end of the day.

It also has a non-slip sole and can be purchased in 6 super delicate colors.

Buyers’ Opinion

The best investment of life! Beautiful sneakers, easy to put on and that doesn’t hurt your feet at all (even with bunions). It’s still so cheap you can make a collection! Note received: 4.9.

– Buy these women’s slip-on sneakers cheaper on AliExpress by clicking here.

Running hiking shoes

And we close our list with the best selling women’s sneakers on AliExpress!

Running shoes have a classic design that goes with everything and can be used both for walks and for work or hiking.

It is produced in breathable fabric and has a rubber sole that relieves the impact on the joints and also prevents slipping, and can be used all day without any discomfort.

Buyers’ Opinion

Simple shoes, but very beautiful and very comfortable. It is super light (250 grams), has a great finish, a very soft sole and sizes consistent with the measurement chart. Note received: 4.8.

– Buy these cheap women’s hiking shoes on AliExpress by clicking here.