How to add or change addresses on AliExpress

Have you changed your address or are you traveling and want to inform ?

To add a new address:
1 – Open the page My ;

2 – In the left column click Shipping address ;

3 – Then click Add a new address ;

4 – Fill in the data and click save .

To modify address:
1 – Go back to the Shipping address ;

2 – After completing adding the new address according to the steps above, select the old address and click delete .

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  1. Hi i ordered a set of car set covers and i changed my mind on buying them i been trying to get my money back put on my credit card the company where i ordered the set covers at sad AilExpress has to put my money back on my credit card i hope you can help me with this its been about 2 or 3 weeks now this been going on i have been getting the run around

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