I bought on AliExpress with the wrong address, now what?

I bought on AliExpress with the wrong address, now what?

One of the most common mistakes that occur when shopping on AliExpress is when the buyer enters the wrong shipping address. And if this happened to you, know that there may still be a solution!

Today, we are going to explain what to do if you selected or entered the wrong address when checking out on AliExpress. And we’ll also show you how to add or change your addresses to prevent this from happening again.

I entered the wrong delivery address in AliExpress, what to do?

We are sorry to inform you, but AliExpress does not allow the delivery address to be changed after the purchase is confirmed.

But keep calm as you can still try the following solutions (in order):

Contact the seller

The first thing you need to do as soon as you realize that you made the purchase with the wrong address on AliExpress, is to contact the seller explaining that you made a mistake with the delivery address and that you want to change it.

Depending on the status the order is in, and the seller’s goodwill, he may say it’s okay to change the address. In that case, you do not need to worry.

However, if there is a delay in responding, especially if you are a seller with few sales, it is recommended that you request the cancellation of the purchase.

But attention: you can only cancel the purchase before the status updates to “Order shipped”.

Cancel the order

As mentioned above, you can only cancel an order from AliExpress if it hasn’t shipped yet.

If it has already been, the seller has the right not to accept the cancellation. And in this case, there is no point in opening a dispute either, as AliExpress will not accept it.

That is, you have to try to convince the seller to accept.

Do this: even if the seller didn’t respond when you asked to change address, write to him again. However, this time, explain that you are canceling the order because you entered the wrong address and that you are going to buy the product again.

This attempt is valid because if the seller knows that he will not lose the sale, he is more likely to accept your cancellation request.

But if he doesn’t accept or takes a long time to respond, try the next alternative.

Negotiate partial refund on AliExpress

If nothing you try works, but your order is a certified shipment (with signature), delivery may be denied on the grounds that the recipient does not live at the address. In this case, the order will be returned to the seller.

You will know this has happened if the order status reads as “returned to sender” or “in process of being returned”. And this is the time to negotiate a partial refund.

To do this, contact the seller, tell them everything that happened, ask for a partial refund and say that you will buy the product again.

Even though the seller is not obliged to make this refund, they usually accept the order of those who say they will make a new purchase.

How to open a dispute on AliExpress and request full cancellation before receipt

Alternatively, you can also open a dispute for AliExpress to cancel the shipment or attempt to deliver your product. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Log in and enter “My Orders”;

2. Locate the disputed product and click “View Details”;

3. Click the “Open Dispute” button.

Choose the relevant options and do not forget to clearly explain that you asked the seller to change the address or cancel the shipment of the product. You need to acknowledge the error and report that you entered the wrong address. All this counts for Aliexpress to be in your favor in this dispute.

And in order not to experience this situation again, don’t forget to change your address!

How to check if an AliExpress product is free to return

Can you imagine going through all this and discovering that the product is not quite what you expected? This is a very annoying situation, but luckily, you may be able to return it at no cost.

Free Return is a service offered by some AliExpress sellers that allows you to return your purchased product within 15 days of receipt, free of charge.

This can be done if you don’t like the product or if it doesn’t match what is advertised.

To find out if a seller offers the AliExpress Free Return service, just look for this symbol in the ad:

But remember: For a full refund to be accepted, the product must be in perfect condition, with no signs of use.

Now, we will teach you how to add, change or delete addresses in AliExpress:

Change delivery address in AliExpress app

Log in, go to “My Account” (bottom right corner) and click on “Delivery address”. Then, the option “Add new address” will appear.

Pay close attention when entering the address and don’t forget to check that your contact number is correct. This is very important for the transport company to contact in case of questions at the time of delivery.

How to save multiple addresses in AliExpress app

Since many people end up asking for orders to be delivered to their relatives, friends or even at work, the AliExpress app allows you to register multiple addresses.

This can be a very practical option so that you don’t stop at home, but you need to pay attention to the address that will be saved as main, because if it is not changed at the time of purchase, your order will be delivered there .

To change the delivery address to another saved one, just click on “set as primary”.

How to change delivery address on AliExpress website

To change the delivery address on the AliExpress website, simply log in, enter “My Account” (upper right corner) and click on “My Orders”.

There, you will see a list on the left with several options:

  • Choose “My Shipping Address”
  • Select “Add my shipping address”
  • Fill in all the boxes
  • Save multiple addresses
  • If you have several addresses saved and you want to change the primary one, enter “Modify” in the box of the address you want to change it to and check the “Save as primary” box.

    If you want to edit some address, click on “Change” and save the changes.

    Remember that it is best to delete addresses that will no longer be used to avoid confusion. And if you have doubts about which address is as primary, it’s best to check before ordering.