Where to buy Fimi drones (Xiaomi) cheaper!

Where to buy Fimi drones (Xiaomi) cheaper!

Did you know that the drone was created as a military weapon during WWII?

That’s right. This very popular equipment was once responsible for great tragedies.
Fortunately, today drones are mostly used to take photos and videos of previously inaccessible places, assist in the surveillance industry, and even locate people lost in disasters.

And like everything that gets popular, there are high quality drones and drones that aren’t worth it.
So today we are going to talk about a famous brand for creating high quality drones: Fimi.

If you don’t know, Fimi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, a company founded in 2010 that conquered its space in the world market by offering advanced technology at popular prices.

With only 4 years of existence, Xiaomi has become the most valuable newly launched company in the world and, five years later, it entered the ranking of the 100 biggest brands for the first time.

Since then, the company has increasingly invested in cutting-edge technology, but without losing its focus on reaching all audiences, contrary to what happens with big brands. Therefore, in the year 2021, Xiaomi recorded an amazing growth of 83%, while Apple grew only 1%.

Discover the cheapest Fimi drones on AliExpress now:

Beginner Category: Fimi X8 Mini

If you’re a beginner and want a cheap drone that won’t let you down, invest in the Fimi X8 Mini!

This small Xiaomi drone weighing only 250g is capable of facing winds of up to 38km/h while still delivering high quality images, thanks to its stable Three-Axis gimbal.

The Fimi X8 Mini delivers amazing videos with 4K/30fps quality and even has HDR feature.

Plus, it also features GPS with all functions, a range of up to 8 kilometers and a great battery with 30 minutes of autonomy!

And how much do you need to invest to have this excellent Xiaomi drone? Less than $400!

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Professional category: Fimi X8SE 2022

Yes, there is a super cheap Xiaomi drone in the professional category!

The Fimi X8SE version 2022 brings several improvements, including a flight time of 35 minutes (the longest range in the price range) and a range of 10km.

Speaking of images, it carries an excellent three-axis gimbal that features a camera capable of delivering 4k quality videos with the right to HDR feature, night mode, panorama and 3x zoom.

It still has a great waterproof protection that resists moderate rains, in addition to having resistance to winds of up to 70 km/h!

And like any good drone, it has a GPS with several commands, such as follow me and return to base.

How much does this professional Xiaomi drone cost? A trifle of $600!

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