Top 5 toys for girls to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 toys for girls to buy on AliExpress

We know that these days, luckily, girls can play with whatever they want. However, it is a fact that they prefer toys a little more delicate.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the 5 best-selling toys for girls on AliExpress. Check out:

Makeup briefcase

Yes, girls like to make up since they were little. That’s why this beautiful briefcase with real makeup is a hit on AliExpress!

Pumpkin Car brings dermatologically tested make-up for children that are easy to wash and help to develop the little ones’ self-esteem.

The case brings 3 lipsticks, 6 eyeshadows, 2 beautiful nail polishes and accessories for makeup use!

According to the comments, the makeup is of great quality and does not harm the skin, in addition to making the girls very happy, which guaranteed the maximum score of 5 points!

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If you prefer your little one not to wear makeup, you can click here and buy a play kit.

Action Figures Q Posket

Our second place goes to this beautiful toy that also serves as a cute decoration.

The delicate Q Posket action figures measure between 13 and 16 cm, are produced in resistant PVC and finished with high quality paint.

You can give your little one a Disney princess, a comic heroine or even a supposed villain we all love!

Q Posket dolls are described as being simple, but very beautiful and delicate. As a great gift for girls of all ages, they get the great 4.7 rating!

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Baby Reborn KEIUMI

Taking care of a baby is in the female DNA, which is why Reborn dolls are a fever among girls!

KEIUMI Reborn measures 48cm and is made of safe silicone and finished with a non-toxic paint.

In addition, the baby is accompanied by a magnetic pacifier, a baby bottle and a birth certificate.

According to the comments, the KEIUMI Redorn is very well made, malleable and can even be washed, which makes the children happy. For being so versatile, this cute baby gets the impeccable 5 grade!

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Fradoo articulated doll

Stop everything and come see the most beautiful and cheapest doll on AliExpress!

The incredible Fradoo dolls are a worldwide fad for having a unique design with 20 joints.

These beautiful oriental dolls are 30cm tall, are made with non-toxic paint and even have a variety of 18 models to choose from!

According to the buyers, Fradoo is very beautiful and has resistant joints, in addition to being able to wear Barbie doll clothes. As an excellent value for money, it receives a great 4.8 rating!

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You can buy this beautiful doll with luxurious dresses by clicking here.

Fidget Pop It

We closed our list with the most desired toy of the moment, the Fidget Pop It!

This beautiful, multi-colored anti-stress toy is ideal for helping children through difficult times, as well as attracting the focus of the little ones.

Fidget XDR is made of non-toxic silicone and has a variety of over 100 models!

According to buyers, kids just love this toy because it’s so colorful and malleable, so it got the big 4.9 rating!

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