Top 5 Smartwatches to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 Smartwatches to buy on AliExpress

The wristwatch has come a long way since its creation in 1868.

These days, we have watches that connect to smartphones and can show us messages, social networks, and even make and receive calls!

This technological watch is called smartwatch and there is a wide variety of models with very affordable values on the market.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the 5 best selling and cheapest AliExpress smartwatches!
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SanlepuS Business Smartwatch

We opened our list with a smartwatch perfect for the most exquisite people.

SanlepuS Business is capable of receiving notification of messages, social networks and calls, in addition to having the function of finding clock and having ip68 protection against water splash.

This amazing smartwatch also brings sports functions, health control and even has the difference of storing and transmitting your favorite music list!

According to the comments, the S Business is very elegant and functional for those looking for a smartwatch for work, leisure or sports. As it is versatile, it scored 4.7 on a scale of 5 points!

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Elegance is the word that describes this amazing smartwatch from TFIT!

The E1-2 has several sports and health functions such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, step counting, sedentary reminder and even sleep control.

Plus, it has ip67 protection that guarantees rain showers and even controls the music that plays on your smartphone!

According to buyers, the E1-2 is a very efficient smartwatch that has very beautiful bracelet options. It’s ideal for sports and everyday life, so it gets a great 4.7 rating!

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Torntisc W26 and W46

And it’s time for smartwatches that have the coolest design on AliExpress!

Torntisc innovated with 2 smartwatch models that feature an Amoled screen and bring all health and sports functions, in addition to having a stylish design with two types of bracelet.

The W26 has Bluetooth 4.0, ip68, receives messages and is capable of answering and rejecting calls.
The W46 has Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging support and receives notification of messages and calls.

These smartwatches are described as being very stylish and perfect for younger people. They are functional and have a great display, which earned a 4.7 rating!

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Smartwatch ColMi P8 Plus

Regardless of your smartphone brand, this beautiful smartwatch is a great choice!

The modern ColMi P8 Plus connects via stable Bluetooth 5.1 to Android and iOS systems, and even has the great waterproof protection by ip67.

In addition, it receives notifications of calls and messages, has 8 exercise modes, heart rate and blood pressure control, and also monitors your sleep.

According to the reviews, ColMi works perfectly with any system and also has a very long-lasting battery, which guaranteed the great 4.8 rating!

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Lige Smartwatch

And we closed our list with AliExpress’s best-selling smartwatch!

The stylish Lige Smartwatch has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and has waterproof protection by ip67.

With it you receive notifications from social networks and calls, you can count steps and calories, have a timer and an alarm clock, in addition to monitoring your sleep and heart rate!

According to buyers, the Lige Smartwatch has very efficient functions and has a very elegant design, that’s why it got the big score 4.8!

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Bonus: Amazfit Stratos

This rugged smartwatch features all the health, sports and social networking features, plus it has an ultra-durable battery.

With Stratos you can listen to your music and even practice swimming using the smartwatch!

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