Top 10 practical and cheapest kitchen accessories on AliExpress

Top 10 practical and cheapest kitchen accessories on AliExpress

With daily life, we need more and more practicality in the kitchen. And who said that it cannot be combined with beauty?

Discover 10 AliExpress kitchen accessories that are cheap, practical and beautiful:

Silicone stretch lids

This set of six silicone caps is certainly a wild card in the kitchen! The lids are moldable and reusable, being indispensable for practicality in the art of cooking.

With them, you can store food in almost any container without it smelling or losing properties. In addition, they can also be taken to the microwave!

With an approval rating of 4.8 , on a scale of 5 , buyers describe these covers as adaptable, resistant and indispensable!

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Silicone cooking utensils

Stop everything and come see this beautiful set of cooking utensils! In addition to being extremely useful, they are very cheap, so they are a hit on AliExpress!

The spoons, shells and spatulas are produced in culinary silicone that resists temperatures up to 446 °F! They also have a high quality wooden handle.

You can choose from 5 beautiful colors to add charm to your kitchen.

The culinary set has a great rating of 4.8 and is described as being very useful, resistant and beautiful as in the photos!

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Silicone pan rest

Silicone products are popular because, in addition to being very beautiful, they are very resistant.

With this kit you can place pans fresh from the stove, cakes as soon as they are baked or even cold glasses! Culinary silicone resists temperatures between -22 °F and 446 °F!

In addition to being versatile, you can choose from a variety of 12 beautiful colors.

Raising the incredible 5 score, this kit is a hit with buyers!

They guarantee that the product is very beautiful, useful and resistant, being faithful to the description of the ad.

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Kitchen shelf

To make your kitchen more beautiful and organized, you need this beautiful aluminum shelf!

You can choose between three sizes of shelfs.

The shelf also has models with or without hooks for hanging utensils. Thus, you will have a beautiful and practical organizer for your spices and spoons.

This beautiful kitchen accessory is described as being useful, sturdy and cheap, which makes it a hit on AliExpress! So it gets the great score of 4.9 !

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Molding form for eggs

Have you ever heard the expression “eat with your eyes first”?

This is a perfect description for these culinary molds!

With it, you can make eggs, omelet and even pancakes with cute shapes. For those who have children at home, this is a great incentive at mealtime!

Buyers find the shapes beautiful, well made and resistant because they are made of stainless steel. So, they got a passing grade of 4.7 !.

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Wall organizer

With a charming design and three color options, this organizer will make your home even more beautiful.

In addition to being beautiful, the organizer is practical because it has suction cups for grip on various surfaces.

Thus, it can be used in the kitchen to place the sponge, in the room to store controls, or even in the bedroom with the book next to the bed.
Use your imagination!

With a 4.7 approval rating, the Konco organizer is described as being practical, versatile and very beautiful!

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Vegetable slicer

Enough of spending time cooking! With this manual slicer, you can slice or cut vegetables and even grate cheese.

It has a stainless steel grater / slicer and plastic body. The slicer is the ideal size for the kitchen countertop, in addition to being very beautiful.

Buyers report that this cutter is very useful because it has very sharp blades! So it got the score of 4.7 !

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Stainless steel cutter

Do you want a practical accessory that will make your meal more beautiful?

This stainless steel cutter combines beauty with practicality. With it, you can cut into pieces equal to vegetables, fruits, sausage, and whatever else your imagination asks for!

Produced in plastic and with six sharp stainless steel blades, this item will become indispensable in your kitchen.

For buyers, the cutter has 4.7% approval because it is practical, sharp and comfortable to use.

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Measuring mat for pasta

Who has never been confused when it comes to preparing a dough, pizza or even pastry?

This measuring mat is a hand on the wheel for the pizzaiolos on duty!

With it, you have all the measurements for pasta and you will no longer worry if you got the size right. In addition, it is produced in 100% safe culinary silicone.

Having an approval rating of 4.8 , buyers describe the mat as being extremely useful, resistant and odorless.

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Electric Peeler

A healthier life starts with a greater intake of fruits and vegetables, but nowadays, who has time to waste in the kitchen?

The solution to eat fruits and vegetables with practicality is this beautiful electric peeler!

The peeler has a resistant plastic body and can be plugged into the socket or the battery.

Its sharp blade is capable of peeling oranges, lemons, potatoes, apples and other fruits.

Buyers find the product satisfactory, especially when peeling potatoes. For this reason, it has a 4.6 approval rating.

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