Top 5 “Casio Style” watches to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 “Casio Style” watches to buy on AliExpress

When we talk about a Casio watch we immediately remember a classic design that never goes out of style, isn’t it?

These beautiful square watches go beyond generations and make them more and more adept, that’s why we’ve brought you several options with very reasonable values for you to choose!

Check out the top 5 best-selling “Casio-style” watches on AliExpress:

Casio Retro

Of course, we would open our list with the watch that inspired this, the Casio Retro!

This vintage watch has an alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch and charges a battery that has a useful life of over 7 years.

In addition, it comes with a stainless steel bracelet, a resistant resin glass, LED light and even has 30M protection that guarantees resistance to swimming in the pool.

The Casio Retro is described as a tasteful men’s watch as it has a formal design and great finish. Its beauty and quality guarantee a 4.8 rating on a scale of 5 points!

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Bonus: If you prefer a resin bracelet, here.

TPW Shock

And it’s time for the cheapest AliExpress quality watch!

The TPW Shock is a very cheap watch, but it brings the great 30M waterproof protection, in addition to having a powerful shock absorption system.

This modern watch has alarm, calendar and stopwatch features, has a sturdy resin strap, and even has display illumination!

According to buyers, the TPW Shock is very well made and has really efficient water protection. For being a great cost-benefit, it got the excellent grade 4.9!

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SKMEI Fashion

Elegance is the word that describes this beautiful SKMEI watch!

SKMEI Fashion is a charming watch made entirely of stainless steel that has a very resistant bracelet that offers 5 very elegant color options.

In addition to having the functions of calendar, stopwatch and alarm, it also has powerful 30M protection, making it a perfect watch for any occasion.

According to reviews, SKMEI Fashion has a modern design that is lighter and relatively smaller than competitors. This style added to a great quality earned the note 4.7!

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And SKMEI innovates once again by creating a Casio-style watch with a much more casual design!

SKMEI Vogue has stopwatch, calendar and countdown functions, as well as a very durable display that has night lighting.

To stand out from the competition, this amazing watch has a waterproof protection for 50M, which ensures you can dive with your SKMEI!

Buyers report that SKMEI Vogue is very well finished and extremely resistant, so it is ideal for those who play sports. All this set guarantees the great 4.8 grade!

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Amazfit Neo

We close our list with a modern smartwatch that features classic Casio design!

Amazfit Neo has a step and calorie counter, monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, and even keeps track of your night’s sleep.

In addition to having powerful 50M protection and a battery that lasts up to 28 days, this watch informs you of incoming calls and social media messages on your smartphone!

According to buyers, the Amazfit Neo is a simple smartwatch, but very efficient and well made, that’s why it got the big score 4.8!

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