Top 5 Building Blocks (LEGO) to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 Building Blocks (LEGO) to buy on AliExpress

Who doesn’t remember spending hours and hours assembling building blocks?

This is a super fun game that passes from generation to generation by stimulating children’s creativity and motor coordination!

That’s why we’ve created a list of the top 5 best selling LEGO building blocks on AliExpress. Check out:

Mini Tudou Magnetic Blocks

We open our list with the most modern building blocks of AliExpress!

Times have changed, and even the building blocks have gained a more modern look with incredible magnetic pieces.

Here, you can buy kits from 45 to 200 super colored pieces that are popular with children. Plus, your little one still gets beautiful free gift stickers!

According to the comments, this novelty is very welcome by the little ones because it is colorful and very different, which ensured a great 4.8 score on a scale of 5 points!

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Classic blocks from the AthinKing Store

Classic is classic, isn’t it? That’s why building bricks are still very successful!

At the AthinKing Store, you can find kits from 250 to 15000 super varied pieces to explore your little one’s imagination.

In addition, you can buy modern LEGO mats that ensure that buildings don’t fall apart.

According to buyers, these kits are very varied, colorful, resistant and have a great fit. Because they are excellent value for money, they get a great 4.8 rating!

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Dragon Temple Blocks

If you are looking for an unforgettable gift, you need to know the Temple of the Dragon blocks!

These building blocks have two kits capable of creating different models of villages and castles.

In addition, the buildings have streets for the sliding of carts and your child still gets several dolls and dragons as a gift!

The Temple of the Dragon blocks are described as the ideal gift for boys, as they are well made and very beautiful, which ended up with an excellent score 4.9!

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Hunting Fun Frozen Castle

Stop everything you’re doing and come see AliExpress’s most delicate building blocks!

These beautiful Frozen castles are the ideal gift for little ones, as they are very resistant and stimulate the imagination during assembly.

Plus, you can choose from 3 princess castles that have between 350 and 700 pieces!

According to buyers, these block castles are very colorful and have stunning details, which is why they receive a great 4.8 rating.

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Funny Toy Pokémon Blocks

We close our list with a classic that will please two generations, the Pokémon blocks!

So you don’t go wrong with the gift of girls and boys, these amazing Pokémon building blocks are a great option.

At Funny Toy, you’ll find over 50 models that range from Ash and Pikachu to Meowth and even a Poké Ball!

According to the comments, the Pokémon blocks are very well made and faithful to the characters. As an excellent gift for people of all ages, it took the big 4.9 score!

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