Top 5 Barbie Dolls to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 Barbie Dolls to buy on AliExpress

The Barbie doll has been a fad among people of all ages since the year 1959.

Over time, Barbie has gone from being just a beauty model to becoming a good example for children around the world.

Currently, this doll has taken on different shapes, professions and ethnicities to encourage diversity!

Check out the 5 best-selling Barbie dolls on AliExpress:

Barbie Made to Move

We opened our list with the most wanted Barbie of the moment, the beautiful Made to Move!

Barbie Made to Move has no less than 22 joints that are able to mimic the complex movements of Yoga.

In addition, this Barbie has 7 different models and even comes with 3 pairs of shoes!

According to the comments, Barbie Made to Move is very resistant and can do several positions, which ensured a great 4.8 score on a scale of 5 points!

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Barbie Mermaid Dreamtopia

Stop everything and come see this beautiful Barbie from the Dreamtopia collection!

The Barbie Mermaid brings an exclusive and multicolored design that draws even more attention to this mysterious mythological being.

In the Dreamtopia collection you can choose from several styles of tail, including one that changes colors, and you can even opt for the Chelsea (child) model.

According to buyers, this Barbie is very beautiful and has amazing colors, that’s why it got the big 4.8 rating!

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Barbie Color Reveal

If you want to surprise someone with a Barbie, Color Reveal is your best choice!

This is a very different Barbie, as both the model and its accessories are a surprise.

To reveal which Barbie will be, it is necessary to immerse the doll in cold water, which guarantees fun moments for the children!

Buyers claim that this Barbie is very beautiful and the moment of discovery is a party! As a great surprise, it received the impeccable 5 grade.

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Barbie Travel

And it’s time for a modern Barbie that has become a classic, the Barbie Travel!

This model is a huge success for bringing several accessories, such as: suitcase, backpack, headphones, smartphone, camera and even Taffy, Barbie’s best friend.

According to buyers, Barbie Travel is guaranteed fun, as it brings many accessories and stimulates children’s creativity, which ensured the excellent grade 4.9!

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Barbie Signature Dragon

We closed our list with this stunning collectible Barbie!

The Signature collection brings many more exquisite models that are collected by people of all ages.

Barbie Dragon is the most sought after model of the moment for having a spectacular design, besides having charming colors and details!

According to the reviews, Dragon is the prettiest Barbie in the Signature collection, as it is just perfect. Being different from all other Barbies, she got the big 4.9 score!

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Barbie Chelsea is the new sensation among girls!

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