Top 5 polyester coats for female dogs on AliExpress

Top 5 polyester coats for female dogs on AliExpress

Our puppies are like daughters and we must protect them from the cold, especially those with short hair.

For that, we can count on these beautiful dog coats that are very cheap on AliExpress!

Check out the 5 best-selling waterproof polyester dog clothes on the site:

MicroPlush jacket

We opened our list with this stunning winter jacket!
The MicroPlush jacket is produced in a luxurious windbreaker fabric that is still waterproof.

And to keep your pet warm, it has a beautiful hood, in addition to being coated with Plush!

You can buy this great jacket for micro to medium-sized dogs, and you can also choose from 5 beautiful colors in models with or without sleeves.

For being warm, sturdy and very beautiful, it earned the incredible 4.9 score of 5 points!

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DogBaby Coat

If you are looking for a cute, warm and modern caot, you need to know DogBaby!

It is produced in a windproof polyester that has an excellent thermal coating.

In addition to having a stylish design and a beautiful hood, DogBaby wears micro to medium sized dogs.

According to buyers, this is a great investment for those who like quality and style! For this reason, DogBaby received the excellent grade 4.8.

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Didog luxury vest

Stop everything and come see this luxurious and versatile vest for dogs!

Didog is produced in a resistant waterproof fabric, and also has an easy-to-dry thermal coating.

It can be purchased for micro to medium-sized dogs and you can choose from 3 beautiful colors!

In addition, this beautiful vest has a ring to hold the leash. So, you can take your dog for a walk with beauty and comfort.

According to the buyers, it is very handsome, well-made and comfortable, so it receives the 4.8 note!

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Colorful vest

You need to know these beautiful pet vests that are very cheap on AliExpress!

They are made of waterproof polyester for easy cleaning and quick drying.

Its thermal coating is perfect for the mildest days of winter. In addition, this model has hooks to be used as a chest collar!

Buyers report that these vests are beautiful, comfortable and have very vibrant colors. Therefore, they are a great cost-benefit, and receive a 4.7 grade!

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Fashion Sports Jacket

And we close our list with the best-selling female dog coat from AliExpress!
The beautiful Fashion Sports jacket is made of a great waterproof polyester.

It has a warm cotton padding. And as a bonus, this jacket brings a chest collar to engage the leash!

Besides, Fashion Sports can be purchased in 5 colors for dogs from small to large!

For being a warm, beautiful and versatile jacket, Fashion Sports received a great grade 4.8!

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