5 inexpensive products to start your own business

5 inexpensive products to start your own business

Starting their own business is the dream of many people, but some people end up giving up because they don’t have a good starting capital for it. But, the good news is that there are very cheap alternatives to start from scratch and make a profitable business inside your home.

And to help you in this endeavor, today we separate 5 cheap products for you to start your own business without investing much. Check out:

forms/molds for chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, so many people make a living making chocolates for events.

Yes, making chocolates can be a very profitable business, especially if you have good tools to facilitate their production and produce on a large scale, such as silicone molds.

With them, you can make perfect bonbons in a very short time, which means a big profit.

Clicking here, you will find the special shape of the first photo that will make your production much easier.

And by clicking here, you can innovate with beautiful chocolate popsicles, as in the second photo.

kit for scented candles

Another great idea for those who like crafts is the production of scented candles.

Scented candles are on the rise, and many people make a lot of money by producing mini candles for events, such as graduations and weddings.

Yes, mini candles can both decorate an event and serve as a souvenir for guests to take home, so investing in this market can be very profitable.

And to start from scratch, you can find a complete kit for the production of candles by clicking here.

accessory creation kit

Now, if you are looking for a profitable business, but want to get away from the kitchen, making accessories can be a great alternative.

Every woman loves jewelry, and you can take advantage of this to create unique accessories and sell them online, as shipping for this type of product is extremely cheap.

This is a very profitable and pleasant business that needs little investment, after all, on AliExpress we find complete kits to make accessories for a super affordable price.

For example, by clicking here you will find a complete kit to create accessories, including pliers.

And by clicking here, you will find cheap and very beautiful pendants to enhance your jewelry.

jewelry resale

And if you identified with the previous option, but have more business acumen than production, reselling jewelry from China is a great idea!

On AliExpress you can find super cheap rings and earrings kits to start your business making a lot of profit.

For example, by clicking here you can buy 100 beautiful rings for less than U$20 and resell them at a 100% profit.

Another alternative is the cheap and very elegant earring sets that cost only U$1 and you can resell them for U$5. Click here to see all models.

lingerie resale

And we close our list with a super lucrative business for women, the lingerie resale!

China is famous for producing panties and bras that are not found elsewhere, as well as being much more affordable, which is great for anyone looking to start a business from scratch.

And on AliExpress you will find a wide variety of cheap and exclusive panties and bras that will be a hit with the ladies.

For example, you can buy the first photo set for less than U$2 by clicking here.

You can also invest in cheap and sexy lingerie, like the one in the second photo, for less than U$5 by clicking here.

And to make a lot of profit, you can invest less than U$5 in the famous latex bra by clicking here.

Finally, as sustainability is on the rise, you can also buy cheap period panties by clicking here.

All the items indicated in this list are highly rated, with a minimum score of 4.8.