Powerful car vacuum cleaner? Check it out Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum!

Powerful car vacuum cleaner? Check it out Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum!

Deals from china likes to innovate, so today we brought you a very different product!

The Mijia Portable Vacuum is a portable vacuum cleaner that promises power, practicality and versatility in a single product. Check out how this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner performed in our test:

Mijia Portable Vacuum: design and construction

For those who don’t know, Mijia is a brand of Xiaomi, a company famous for having a huge catalog of products that are known for uniting technology, quality and good price.
And in addition to making products super durable, Xiaomi is also extra careful when creating a design, which explains why the Mijia Portable Vacuum looks like a beautiful coffee thermos!

When opening the box of the Mijia Portable Vacuum we found a beautiful cordless vacuum, an extension cable, a brush and a USB Type-C cable for charging, which was a pleasant surprise.
Plus, it also comes with a manual that explains how to clean the filter, but it is all in Chinese. Well, this is a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, so we have to overlook it.

And like every Xiaomi product, the Mijia Portable Vacuum is super well built and it looks like everything has been thought of down to the smallest detail. For example, it has a button that facilitates access to the filter, in addition to being possible to remove the bottom of the device to clean all the corners. This cleaning care is indispensable to maintain the functionality promised by the manufacturer.

The Mijia Portable Vacuum is a super compact portable vacuum cleaner that weighs less than 500 grams, so it’s in high demand for anyone looking for a powerful car vacuum cleaner. And as it has an extender cable that reaches even those most difficult corners, it’s perfect for that!

Mijia Portable Vacuum: Power and Battery

Who sees size doesn’t see power!

Don’t be fooled by this super “cute” design, as the Mijia Portable Vacuum has a powerful motor that reaches an incredible 8,800rpm, which guarantees a suction power of 13,000Pa.

In other words: no dust or crumbs can resist the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum!

Of course, so much power in such a small product ends up demanding a lot from the battery, so the Mijia Portable Vacuum achieves an autonomy of 30 minutes at low power and 9 minutes at high power. This may not seem like much, but remember that this portable vacuum is super powerful, which reduces the time of use, and that it also has a much faster charge than its competitors.

Mijia Portable Vacuum: Test

We couldn’t recommend a product to you without testing it first, could we?
So we put the Mijia Portable Vacuum to the test and were impressed with the result!

Even when tested at minimum power, it was able to suck up all the dirt we put on a chair. The only exception was the grains of rice that ended up coming back down the pipe, but that was resolved by putting it in turbo mode!

In addition, the extension cable proved to be very useful when tested in the car, as it managed to reach those corners that were very difficult to clean. And as a bonus, the brush also proved to be great for cleaning upholstery, removing even some impregnated hairs.

Therefore, the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum is the perfect vacuum cleaner to use in the car, on the sofa, or in any corner of your home!

Where to buy at the best prices?

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