The 5 cheapest headphones to buy on AliExpress

The 5 cheapest headphones to buy on AliExpress

You don’t have to pay a fortune to dive into your favorite playlist. After all, there is a wide variety of super cheap headphones on AliExpress!

But, so you don’t end up buying a pig in a poke, we’ve put together a list of 5 good headphones at the lowest price on the site. Check out:

Basic Catassu Headphone – Factory

We open our list with the best selling cheap headphones on AliExpress!

This amazing headphone has a Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of 10 meters, has two great quality earpads, and even has a folding design for easy transport.

In addition, it has controls for on/off, + and – volume, change music and return music.

The highlights of this model are for: iPhone/Android connection; built-in microphone; 360 stereo audio; access to FM radio; card usage up to 32g; 3.5mm inlet; and up to 20 hours of autonomy.

According to buyers, this headphone is a great value for money, as it is comfortable, has excellent sound quality and super stable Bluetooth.

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Style Catassu Headphone – Factory

Our second place goes to the most stylish cheap headphones on AliExpress!

The powerful Style is a Bluetooth 5.0 headphone that features two large earpads with an excellent control center. In it, we have buttons for on/off, + and – volume, and change/back music.

As highlights, this model features: 3D earpads; built-in microphone; stereo sound; FM radio; TF card up to 32g; 3.5mm inlet; up to 10 hours of autonomy.

According to the reviews, the Style has amazing colors, a durable battery, and great bass.

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Qearfun Headphone – CC Geeks

Stop everything and come see the cutest headphone on AliExpress!

The charming Qearfun is a cheap but very powerful headphone, which has a high quality folding design, has a rubberized finish, and still has beautiful RGB LEDs.

In the earpads, it has a control center, in addition to TF card inputs and 3.5mm inlet.

Other highlights of this wonder: Bluetooth 5.0; built-in microphone; stereo sound; FM radio; 8 hours of continuous playback autonomy.

Buyers guarantee that Qearfun is the best gift for girls of all ages, as it combines beauty and comfort with a very powerful sound.

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Gamer AA-ER1 Headphone – AirAux

And it’s time for the best headphone your money can buy, the powerful AirAux ER1!

Blitzwolf is famous for creating products of extreme quality and, this time, they presented us with a cheap and very powerful gamer headphone.

On the AA-ER1, we have RGB LEDs that change color according to the beat of the music, HD stereo sound, a powerful built-in microphone, and it can even be paired with two devices.

Other highlights of this incredible headphone: breathable earpads; iPhone/Android connection; Bluetooth 5.0; 3.5mm inlet; TF card up to 128gb; battery life of up to 17 hours.

According to reviews, the AA-ER1 has very powerful bass and a great surround effect. Plus, the connection is super stable, and the microphone is perfect for any call.

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P47 Wireless Headphone – Factory

And we close our list with the cheapest headphones on AliExpress!

The P47 is a simple headphone, but it delivers great sound quality, in addition to having an adjustable and foldable design.

Despite being a cheap headphone, it has a stable Bluetooth 5.0 and a control center with buttons for on/off, music play/back, and answering calls.

Other features: built-in microphone; TF card up to 32GB; 3.5mm inlet; 8 hours autonomy.

According to buyers, the P47 is excellent value for money as it has great sound, a fast and stable connection, and is still quite comfortable.

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