The 5 cheapest gamers headsets to buy on AliExpress

The 5 cheapest gamers headsets to buy on AliExpress

Are you looking for a top gaming headset but don’t want to spend a fortune on it?
Yes, we know this seems like an impossible mission, but it’s not!

After a lot of research, our team created for you a list of the cheapest gamers headsets with the best qualities on AliExpress. Check out:

Havit H2002d

We open our list with the best selling gaming headset on AliExpress!

The Havit H2002d is an inexpensive but very powerful headset that can be purchased in two models: an excellent rubberized finish; and an impressive metal model.

And in addition to having RGB LEDs, it also features 53mm surround drivers, and a microphone with 360° pickup.

According to the comments, despite not having much bass, the Havit headset has a super powerful sound, great isolation, and still has a very powerful microphone.

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KOTION EACH gaming headset

You need to know the most stylish cheap gamer headset on AliExpress!

KOTION EACH has 3 exclusive designs that feature high quality RGB LEDs and earpads.

As a differential, these headsets have a noise reduction system, 4D stereo effect, and a powerful adjustable microphone with 360° pickup.

According to buyers, this is an excellent gaming headset for those looking for beauty, good price and quality. Although the microphone is not very loud, it is quite clear for the category.

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EKSA e900/e900 pro

Our third place goes to the best value gamer headset on AliExpress!

The EKSA e900 features a powerful static and noise canceling microphone, as well as 3D stereo sound with an excellent volume level.

And to ensure comfort throughout the match, it also features contour memory pads.

Want more? Yes, you can opt for the e900 pro model that features a detachable microphone, RGB lights, and 7.1 channel surround sound!

Buyers guarantee that EKSA headsets have perfect sound, a quality design, and a microphone that many brands envy.

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Oneodio A30

And it’s time for the cheap gamer headset with the best rating on AliExpress!

The powerful Oneodio A30 features 3D surround effect and premium foams that ensure maximum comfort during hours of play.

In addition, it has a super malleable detachable microphone, which is able to capture sound in 360°, and still brings powerful noise cancellation.

The Oneodio A30 is highly praised for being an inexpensive, high-quality headset that features an impeccable microphone and an extremely comfortable design.

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JIMARTI gaming headset

And we close our list with the cheapest gamer headset on AliExpress!

Despite being extremely cheap, the JIMARTI headset has an amazing 7.1 channel surround effect that lets you know the exact location of the enemy.

In addition, it has RGB lights that change according to the sound, and it even has a microphone with anti-noise technology.

According to the reviews, this gaming headset is worth it for beginners, as it has a very reasonable microphone and a great stereo effect.

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