Where to buy Disney Princesses dolls cheaper

Where to buy Disney Princesses dolls cheaper

Owning a Disney doll is the dream of many children, and some adults too.

However, unfortunately we cannot always fulfill this dream, as we know how expensive a princess doll can be.

But, there is a place that has several options and the most varied prices of Disney princess dolls, AliExpress!

To help you in your quest to please your little one without interfering with your budget, we have created a list with several cheaper options for Disney dolls. Check out:

Disney Princess Original

We opened our list with these amazing cheap and original Disney princess dolls.

This beautiful Disney collection features 12 inch dolls that have articulated arms.

And in addition to being able to choose between Elsa, Snow White, Aurora, Beauty, Cinderella and even Mulan, your little one even gets a princess ring as a gift!

According to the comments, the princesses are very well made and very malleable, that’s why they receive the excellent 4.9 rating on a scale of 5 points!

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Disney Royal Shimmer Princesses

If you are looking for a Disney doll a little cheaper, the Royal Shimmer collection is a great option!

These beautiful princesses are 10 inches and are produced in high quality PVC, in addition to having arms and legs that move.

The Royal Shimmer collection is described as being simpler but very beautiful. It makes the kids happy and costs little, that’s why it got the big note 4.8!

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Cheap Disney Princess Doll

It’s time for the cheapest Disney princess doll on AliExpress!

These beautiful dolls are 10 inches and have a charming leotard with the original colors of the princess dresses.

In addition to being very well made, this great alternative costs less than $5,00!

According to the reviews, these dolls are an excellent cost-benefit because they are cheap and very well made, which ensured a great 4.8 rating!

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Frozen Princesses

Stop everything and come see these amazing dolls of the newest Disney princesses!

Sisters Elsa and Anna are favorites of many girls as they represent a new generation of much more independent princesses.

These original princesses are 11 inches and have 2 models to choose from.

According to buyers, the Frozen sisters have an excellent quality finish, as well as beautiful dresses, which guarantees the great 4.8 score!

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Princess Moana

We closed our list with Disney’s most famous warrior princess!

Princess Moana is an example that you don’t have to be fragile to be a princess, which makes her a good example for our little girls!

This beautiful miniature doll measures 6 inches and costs less than $3,00!

According to buyers, Princess Moana’s doll is very well made and is a great gift for little ones, so it got the excellent 4.9 rating!

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