Top 5 best-selling smartphone accessories on Alixpress

Top 5 best-selling smartphone accessories on Alixpress

The smartphone is part of the routine of practically everyone. And to make better use of them, several accessories have been developed that make them even more interesting.

There are accessories to make them more beautiful, to make their use more comfortable, or even to improve their functionality. Therefore, you need to know the smartphone accessories that are very useful and also cheap on AliExpress!

Check out the list of the 5 best-selling smartphone accessories on the site:

Magnetic finger holder

We open our list with this smartphone accessory that is the cheapest on AliExpress!
The finger holder is ideal for those looking for comfort and safety. With it, in addition to keeping your hand more relaxed, which causes less pain, you can still be relaxed about falls.

In addition, this model has a magnet that can be used directly on smartphones. If the finish of your smartphone is not metal, the brackets come with a strong 3M adhesive!

This ring has a thickness of only 1/8″, and is able to open at 180 degree and to rotate 360 degrees. It can even be used as a magnet for smartphone magnetic brackets!

According to the buyers who rated it 4.7 out of a scale of 5 , this accessory is indispensable, as it makes the use of smartphones much more comfortable and safe.

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Baseus magnetic support

And once again, Baseus innovates the market with this incredible magnetic support for smartphones!
You can choose between three support models that have very powerful magnets.

The Flat model was developed for those who like a more “clean” design, and can be used vertically on the car’s dashboard. The model with support, can be used as a table support or even on the dashboard of the car. In addition to being versatile, it has a 360 degree rotation!

Baseus has also developed an incredible model, which has a “claw” to hold the car’s air conditioning outlet, which ensures a good fix and ensures the smartphone’s safety.

Because it is multipurpose and has a really powerful magnet, Baseus supports earned the 4.7 note!

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Selfie stick with Wi-fi

The selfie photo is certainly people’s favorite, but it can be difficult to get a good angle in some situations… So you need this amazing selfie stick from Fangtuosi!

The Fangtuosi stick has a cable capable of reaching 4.75 ft in length. So, you can frame the entire landscape, your friends or family!
In addition, it has three types of lighting to make your photos and videos even more beautiful.

And as your cable turns into an incredible tripod for photos and videos from a distance, it still has a trigger control capable of working 32.81 ft away via Wi-fi !

According to users, the Fangtuosi selfie stick has great quality and functionality. Its shooting control is very responsive, the lighting creates an incredible atmosphere, and the smartphone is very steady in both positions. So, it gets the great score of 4.8!

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10 in 1 lens kit

Did you know that it is possible to take professional photos with your smartphone?
With this incredible lens kit, you can!

The Apexel kit has 10 cameras for professional resolution. Once attached to the smartphone’s cameras, these lenses are capable of creating perfect pictures!

With them, you can create quality photos and incredible effects like the fisheye, magnified zoom, telescope, kaleidoscope, irradiation effect, anti-reflective effect and much more!

According to buyers, Apexel lenses are impeccable, come in a quality case, and create effects that impress everyone! In addition, they are compatible with most smartphones and manage to turn them into professional cameras, which made this kit receive the great score of 4.8!

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Universal waterproof cover

Have you ever imagined taking great pictures with your smartphone, even underwater?
For that, you only need this incredible universal cover that is winning AliExpress!

The Olaf universal cover is able to keep your smartphone completely safe, even during a pool bath. With it, you can also create photos and videos with great resolution , because the Olaf cover has a high quality material that does not interfere with the quality of the image.

It even has a seal that is able to withstand even the waves of the sea. In addition, its design is capable of supporting smartphones with screens up to 6 inches !

Buyers describe the Olaf cover as indispensable for anyone looking to record perfect days! It has a superior quality, as it is very soft and resistant, which guaranteed the incredible 4.9 score!

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