Cheap PS4 accessories on AliExpress

Cheap PS4 accessories on AliExpress

That AliExpress is the largest online store in China, everyone already knows. But did you know that it is possible to find PS4 accessories that cost a real fortune generally, at half the price?

There are PS4 accessories such as bases, various types of support, skins for control and console, USB hubs and adapters, steering wheel, transport bags and much more! Below are some examples of cheap PS4 accessories found on AliExpress!

PS4 accessories: steering wheels

Accessories for PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are found generally for small fortunes. Let’s start by talking about the PS4 steering wheels, products that gambling drivers crave crazily.

In an internet search, I found PS4-compatible steering wheels for $ 90, in online stores like Amazon. However, we found products with the same function on AliExpress for around $ 50.

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PS4 accessories: bases

The bases are great accessories to organize the PS4 and the controls. Some are articulated and even have space to store some PS4 games. However, the complete bases with charger, storage for controls and games, cost on average $ 35 on Amazon.

The same base I found on Amazon is found in the AliExpress online store for R $ 25. The differential of this base for PS4 is that it generates a heat sink that helps to cool your PS4.

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PS4 Accessories: Carrying Bag

Bags are very useful when we want to carry our PS4 and accessories. There are several models on the market at various prices. However, I found a very complete model on Amazon that costs $ 30.

The same model is found on AliExpress for just $ 15. With this bag, you can carry any PS4: PS4, PS4 Slim and even PS4 Pro. In addition, you can take on two controls, cabling and two to four games.

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PS4 Accessories: PS4 Skins and Controls

Skins are very popular with PS4 players and owners and are found in Amazon and other virtual stores for different prices.

On AliExpress, you can find console and controls skins for almost the same price. However, there are a multitude of models and many of them are exclusive. But it is necessary to spend US $ 30 to have free shipping.

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