The 5 cheapest projectors to buy on AliExpress

The 5 cheapest projectors to buy on AliExpress

Want to buy a great projector for under $200? So don’t miss our list!

Here, we have separated the 5 cheap designs with the best qualities of AliExpress. Check out:

Byintek k9 mini

We open our list with the best rated cheap projector on AliExpress!

The powerful Byintek k9 mini features high-performance LED lamps and also has a Wi-Fi connection, so it is compatible with PS4, computer, TV Box, DVD, and Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition, it transmits images in HD quality of 1280*720 pixels, can support 4k videos, and is even capable of projecting on screens up to 180 inches.

According to reviews, the Byintek k9 mini has excellent sound and image quality, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to save money and have an excellent projector.

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Wewatch V10

Our second place goes to the best cost-effective projector on the site!

The amazing Wewatch V10 has a light source of 5500 lumens, which makes it 2-3 times brighter than other mini projectors in the same price range.

It also features a standard resolution of 1024*720p with support up to 4k which can be projected on screens up to 200 inches!

Plus, it brings 5G connection, Bluetooth 5.0, and is still compatible with TV Box, PS4, Chromecast, Fire Stick, speakers, laptop and Android smartphones.

According to the reviews, the Wewatch V10 projects high quality images over a long distance, has great speakers, and has super stable Bluetooth that is perfect for gaming.

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AUN W18 mini projector

And it’s time for the cheapest projector on AliExpress!

The AUN W18 is perfect for anyone looking for a good projector for small presentations or even enjoying a movie in the living room.

It has a light source of 2800 lumens that is capable of projecting images in HD quality on screens from 40 to 120 inches.

And despite being a cheap projector, it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, so it’s compatible with PS4, Xbox 360, TV Box, Chromecast, speakers and Android smartphones.

The AUN W18 is highly praised for having a very high quality sound, a great finish, a super functional control, and for bringing all the inputs we are looking for in a device.

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Wanbo T2 Max

Small in size, giant in quality, meet the versatile Wanbo T2 Max!

This powerful mini projector features a 5000 lumens light source, full HD resolution and HDR10 technology, which ensures high image quality in any light condition.

Wanbo T2 Max still has Android 9.0 and Wi-Fi, so it’s compatible with smartphones, TV Box and computers, as well as being able to project on screens from 40 to 120 inches.

And to deliver a complete audiovisual experience, it still has two speakers with 360° sound output!

According to buyers, the Wanbo T2 Max delivers an excellent picture in dark environments, has a great surround effect, and doesn’t heat up or freeze even after hours of use.

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Thundeal TD90

And we close our list with the best selling cheap projector on AliExpress!

Thundeal TD90 features an amazing 1280*720p resolution and 3200 lumens light source, which creates super bright images in dark environments.

In addition, it has Wi-Fi connection, Android 6.0, and even multi-screen projection up to 200″.

All this technology ensures that this powerful projector can be used on smartphones, TV Box, DVD, video games and computers!

According to reviews, the Thundeal TD90 delivers excellent colors and well-saturated tones, so it’s an excellent choice for presentations, games, and streaming services.

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