Top 5 makeup cases on AliExpress

Top 5 makeup cases on AliExpress

Keeping our makeups in an efficient and safe way is always a challenge. After all, we need a place where all our products fit, that they don’t break or leak, and where the brushes are accommodated without damaging the bristles.

Therefore, we need a makeup bag that is beautiful, resistant and very spacious.

Discover the 5 best selling and cheapest makeup cases on AliExpress now:

Professional case from the Confuse Arty store

We opened our list with the best-selling makeup case from AliExpress!

The Confuse Arty case is successful because its partitions are removable . Thus, we can organize spaces in the way we think is best.

In addition, it is produced in a super elegant and resistant material, Oxford. We can also buy it in five different sizes, and choose between black or pink.

According to the happy shoppers who rated it with an incredible 4.9 score on a 5 scale, this case is simply indispensable because it is beautiful, well made, spacious and very resistant!

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Makeup case from Happy Makeup store

For you who are looking for a spacious makeup case, but easy to carry, this beautiful case from Happy Makeup will please you!

The case is made of waterproof Oxford fabric. This prevents makeup from getting wet in the event of accidents, and it also makes it easier to clean your case.

It also has expandable compartments to the sides, which makes it very spacious.

According to the buyers, this case is perfect for those looking for mobility, as it is compact and its material facilitates transportation. In addition, the case is very beautiful and has space for professional make-up, so it received the excellent score of 4.8!

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Confuse Arty makeup bag

Charm is the word that describes this beautiful and functional makeup bag from Confuse Arty!

It is produced in high quality polyurethane and can be purchased in five incredible colors. In addition, you can choose two bag sizes, according to your need.

As a bonus, it even has an internal mirror that helps when making makeup!

Buyers report that the makeup bag is simply charming. In addition to being beautiful, it is described as sturdy and very functional, so it receives the 4.7 grade!

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Makeup suitcase from YourCity store

Stop everything and come see this amazing makeup suitcase that is winning AliExpress!

YourCity’s suitcase is made of reinforced polyurethane, and it also has removable dividers. So, in addition to having a beautiful product, you can organize it as you prefer!

Moreover, you can choose between three suitcase sizes, according to your preference.

Buyers describe this suitcase as being incredibly superior. It combines beauty, practicality and a lot of quality in one product, so it got the incredible score of 4.9!

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Aluminum case from CNY Trade store

You know that makeup caseF that we see in the movies and we always dream of having?

This beautiful CNY Trade case is made of aluminum, which makes it extremely resistant. In addition to being durable, it has two locks for a safer closing of the case.

Regarding space, it has a professional size for storing various types of cosmetics, and it also has expandable flaps that further increase its storage capacity.

Hitting the mark 4.8, buyers describe this case as being a great investment, as it is a beautiful, spacious and very durable product!

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