Top 5 blanket coats on AliExpress

Top 5 blanket coats on AliExpress

Winter is a very cozy time. On rainy days, then … all we want is a popcorn, a good movie, and a lazy day on the couch.

And to make it even more cozy, we can count on the company of these cute plush blankets!

Check out the 5 best-selling coats blankets on AliExpress:

Blanket with sleeves from Shop

We open our list with this amazing blanket coat that is the best seller on AliExpress!

This blanket with sleeves promises to be extremely soft and warm, as it is produced in plush with a sherpa coating, a polyester fiber that imitates wool.

In addition, you can still choose from six very beautiful colors,

According to buyers who rated it an incredible 4.9 on a 5 scale, this blanket with sleeves is just perfect. They report that the blanket is soft and covered with a very warm fabric, in addition to having pockets to warm your hands!

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Elongated blanket coat from Moshu store

If you are looking for a warm company that does not let the cold disturb your lazy day, this is your best option!

The Moshu blanket coat has a more elongated design, which ensures that the wind does not cool down your leisure time.

This beautiful coat is unisex and can be purchased in six beautiful colors. In addition, it also has buttons for a better fit to the body.

Buyers claim that this coat is far superior to the others, as it is quite long. According to them, it is a soft, warm and very pleasant material that deserves a great grade 4.8 !

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Cartoon blanket from HazyBeauty store

This beautiful and funny blanket coat appeals to everyone who leads life in a good mood!

The cartoon blanket from HazyBeauty is produced in microfiber with a velvety touch.
It has a beautiful hood that gives the piece a charm, as well as internal buttons that can be used to form sleeves.

You can choose from nine options of incredible prints, in two different sizes.

According to buyers, this beautiful blanket is faithful to the images, in addition to having a very pleasant and soft touch. For pleasing both adults and children, it received a great 4.8 score!

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Pajamas for sofa time from Unicorn store

Everyone has the right to a lazy day, and nothing better than having a beautiful, soft and warm coverall as a companion.

This cute sofa pajama is great for being cheap on AliExpress!

In addition to being beautiful and warm, this sofa pajama can be purchased in four different sizes, and has a wide variety of prints!

Happy shoppers describe this pajama as a perfect companion for a movie on the couch! They say that the pajamas are very warm and have a very soft touch, besides being a charm, and for that reason it received the incredible score of 4.9 !

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Children’s blanket coat from Montessori store

And we close our list with this cute stuffed animal that turns into a blanket coat for little ones!

Produced in plush fabric, this incredible blanket coat is a hit with the kids.

It can be used by children up to 7 years old and has six variations of colors and animals. So, you can choose the best gift for your little kid!

According to mommy owls, children simply love these coats. In addition to being beautiful, they are very cute and warm, so they received a 4.7 note!

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