The 10 baby accessories that first-time parents need to have

The 10 baby accessories that first-time parents need to have

Creating a new life is really very exciting, but it is not always an easy task!

First-time parents often have difficulties, in addition to many doubts, about what is best for their baby.

So, we created this list that will help in this incredible journey!

Discover the 10 best-selling and cheapest baby accessories on AliExpress now:

Silicone biting glove from Discoball store

As soon as they are born, the first thing babies do is put their hands over their mouths.

Although it is something natural, when teeth start to grow, babies tend to bite everything they see, including their own hand! Therefore, this incredible silicone glove has come to prevent many accidents.

The glove is made of 100% non-toxic silicone and is BPA free. In addition, the silicone teether still helps to relieve the itch that our babies feel in their gums.

According to buyers, this glove is very beautiful, safe and babies just love to bite it. So it got a great 4.8 on a scale of 5 !

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Multifunctional rattle from the GoDream store

The rattle is probably the oldest baby toy in existence. After all, they love to shake anything that makes noise!

In addition to a beautiful rattle, this incredible multifunctional accessory is still a teether of 100% safe silicone. As a bonus, the bunny is able to play several lullabies and, for a more peaceful night, even has a small lantern !

According to the parents on duty, this incredible multifunctional accessory is simply indispensable, that’s why it received the 4.9 score! For them, babies love their company at bedtime, as the music and the lantern soothe them, while their teeth bite into the rabbit’s ears.

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Stimulating rug from the JGL store

Stimulating our babies’ imagination and senses is indispensable for their development.

This amazing magic rug has colors, sounds and textures that encourage healthy growth!

It is capable of playing 26 different songs and has a piano to stimulate the imagination. What’s more, their colors sharpen babies’ eyesight, while rattles are pleasing to their hearing.

According to parents, the rug stimulates babies’ senses, in addition to entertaining them for a long time. As it is a toy that helps in the development of the little ones, it got the score of 4.7 .

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Feeding spoon from the Beeshum store

Feeding the baby outside the home is always a very difficult task. Fortunately, you can count on this incredible measuring spoon as your ally!

In addition to carrying baby food without any leak , this bottle also has a measuring spoon that assists in a safe feeding of the baby. Thus, you do not need to carry several accessories to provide a great food.

The bottle is made of safe silicone and also has an accessory to keep the spoon closed and free of dirt !

Parents and moms guarantee that this bottle is a great investment, as it is very practical to offer baby food or fruit to babies. So it got a great 4.8!

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Enjoying store electric nasal aspirator

If you have already researched baby health, you should know how important a nasal aspirator is!

Babies often need a little help to breathe. Therefore, a good nasal aspirator can relieve your baby’s distress, especially during a cold.

Unlike conventional ones, this nasal aspirator is electric and has much more power than the others. All this without sacrificing practicality and safety, as the aspirator is charged via USB, has a detachable body for cleaning and still has a anti reflux design

Gathering the 4.7 score, buyers describe this nasal aspirator as being indispensable for the baby’s health. It guarantees more peaceful nights and an immediate relief for babies with runny nose.

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TTXS infrared thermometer

Babies are very sensitive and any change in temperature needs to be controlled. However, it is not always easy to get the baby to cooperate to measure its temperature.

To save parents at this point, a good infrared thermometer is most welcome. So, this cheap infrared thermometer is the best seller on AliExpress!

With it, you can measure your baby’s temperature without the hassle that this moment creates!

Buyers who rated it 4.7 , report that this thermometer is very reliable because it has a correct measurement. In addition, it is practical and allows parents to check the temperature even during the baby’s delicate sleep.

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Bottle warmer and sterilizer from Mimi store

Have you ever imagined having a product that is capable of sterilizing and still heating your baby’s bottle correctly and safely?

This incredible bottle warmer and sterilizer does all the necessary work so that your baby is not exposed to bacteria, or even burns, at the time of the bottle!

It sterilizes baby bottles at 212 °F and is capable of heating baby food at 7158 °F, making them at the ideal temperature. The sterilizer still heats the bottle to exactly 113 °F, which ensures that the properties of the formula, or breast milk, is not lost with heating.

The owl moms claim that this is a product that should be mandatory for anyone who has a new member at home. After all, it guarantees a safe feeding at the correct temperature for the baby. So it got the 4.7 grade!

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Electronic nanny camera from the SDETER store

There was a time when we could just hear our babies in what looked like a Walkie Talkie.

Nowadays, we can listen, see and still talk with our babies through our cell phones. All this thanks to this amazing camera with night vision !

With the SDETER camera you can monitor all your baby’s movements, even while he is asleep in the dark room. It even has a motion sensor that is capable of storing everything it sees in the cloud.

In addition, baby monitoring can be done via 10 different smartphones!

According to buyers, the camera has a great night image, in addition to having very functional microphones. For them, the camera is a great and modern baby monitor that can, in the future, be relocated to keep an eye on the family home. So it got a great grade of 4.8 !

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Crib backpack from JusMom store

Practicality is the word that defines this indispensable backpack!

Spending the day outside the home with a newborn baby is a very difficult task. We need to bring lots of hygiene products, cans and accessories for feeding, clothes and diapers for possible accidents, and we still need to think about the baby’s nap time.

Fortunately, this incredible backpack has space for all of these products, and it even becomes a comfortable crib for your baby!

Satisfied buyers describe this backpack as indispensable for those looking for practicality, and rated it with the excellent rating of 4.8 . They claim that the backpack really is very spacious and resistant, in addition to becoming a very comfortable crib.

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Hipseat from Baby Daily store

Stop everything and come see this amazing hipseat that is very cheap on AliExpress!

This is proven to be the best way to carry babies. After all, the ergonomic design ensures optimum comfort for the child, in addition to avoiding bruises on the shoulders or back of parents.

Baby Daily’s hipseat is made of cotton fabric with polyester, which forms an extremely comfortable and resistant material. In addition, you can still modify the position of the hipseat, making it turn into a seat or even a crib.

According to the buyers, the hipseat is simply beautiful and comfortable, as it carries the baby without having to force it. They also claim that the fabric is of excellent quality, which made this hipseat get the great 4.8 grade!

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