The 5 vintage women’s watches on AliExpress

The 5 vintage women’s watches on AliExpress

Did you know that the clock is among mankind’s first inventions?

The wristwatch, on the other hand, appeared around 1910 to help men in their daily tasks, but during the golden years, this accessory turned out to be a beautiful adornment for women!

Check out the top 5 vintage women’s watches on AliExpress:

WWOOR Montre femme watch

We open our list with a classic of classics that never go out of style!

This beautiful watch has a classic and elegant design that matches any look and occasion.

In addition to having a waterproof protection, you can also choose between three background colors.

Buyers describe it as a tough and always up-to-date watch, so it gets a great 4.8 rating on a 5 point scale!

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Shengke Luxury Watch

Luxury is the word that describes this amazing sK watch!

It has a classic and extremely elegant design that has gained a more luxurious reinterpretation.

This delicate sK watch comes with great waterproof protection, as well as a special anti-scratch glass!

According to buyers, this watch is very elegant and delicate, but extremely resistant. For being well made and still serving as a beautiful prop, it received an incredible 4.9 rating!

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Shengke Bicolor Watch

Stop everything and come see this very elegant watch from sK!

This beautiful Bicolor watch is another vintage reinterpretation that became extremely modern and elegant.

In addition to being able to choose from seven color combinations, you can even opt for a metal or fabric strap!

Buyers describe this amazing Bicolor watch as being very elegant, beautiful and versatile, which is why it got a great 4.9 rating!

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Lady Candy Watch

And it’s time for the cheapest women’s vintage watch on AliExpress!

Lady Candy is a simple watch, but it has a very elegant vintage design, as it carries a beautiful strap made of polyurethane.

In addition to being very beautiful, it has Arabic numerals that are easy to read. And as a bonus, it even comes with a variety of seven very vivid colors!

According to the buyers, Lady Candy is a beautiful and resistant watch that has a low value, which allows the purchase of several colors. As an excellent value for money, it receives an incredible 4.9 rating!

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Hannah Martin Minimalist Watch

To close our list, we have AliExpress’ best-selling vintage women’s watch!

In addition to being extremely elegant, this amazing minimalist watch features waterproof and fall protection. It also carries a super tough stainless steel strap.

And to make it even more irresistible, this vintage watch can be purchased in thirteen color combinations!

The magnificent Hannah Martin is described by its buyers as being more than a watch. They claim it is well made, robust and elegant, so they rate it with a great 4.8 rating!

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