Top 5 eyeshadow palettes from AliExpress

Top 5 eyeshadow palettes from AliExpress

If there’s something capable of making a woman happy, it’s a good set of eyeshadows!

They are our allies to create a more sophisticated, more sensual air, or even to attract attention at a party.

Find out the 5 best-selling eyeshadow palettes on AliExpress:

Ucanbe Splashy Candies Palette

We’ve opened our list with AliExpress’s best-selling eyeshadow palette!

The Ucanbe palette has a splendid kit of 15 high-performance and long-lasting colors.

In addition, you can choose from 7 palettes that contain matte, metallic or neon eyeshadows.

According to the reviews, Splashy Candies is of the highest quality and has fantastic colors and shades! That’s why it got a 4.8 rating on a scale of 5 points!

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Beauty Glazed Palette

If you are looking for a palette of hyperpigmented eyeshadows, Beauty Glazed is a great option!

With it, you can choose from 15 palettes that combine 9 colors between matte, metallic and neon.

In addition to having a wide variety, the eyeshadows are waterproof, dermatologically tested and do not contain talc in their formulation!

Beauty Glazed is described as being a well-pigmented and easy-to-apply eyeshadow, which guaranteed a great 4.8 rating!

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Ucanbe Spotlight Palette

Stop it all and come see the most bombastic eyeshadow palette on AliExpress!

The Spotlight palette contains 40 long-lasting, waterproof hyperpigmented colors. In addition, the set features matte, metallized and neon colors.

With it, you can make beautiful combinations that range from the social to the spotlight!

According to the reviews, the Spotlight palette brings amazing colors that can be used professionally. All this versatility ensured the great 4.8 score!

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Imagic Eyeshadow Palette

And it’s time for the best-rated eyeshadow palette on the site!

The Imagic palette features 36 super pigmented colors ranging from matte to metallic.

In addition to being able to be combined, the colors are long lasting and high-yielding, and can be used professionally for events or for artistic makeup!

According to the buyers, the Imagic palette is very luxurious and has colors that are easy to blend, which earned it the excellent score 4.9!

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Handayan Liquid Eyeshadow Kit

We closed our list with a redesigned set of eyeshadows, Handayan’s liquid eyeshadows!

This amazing kit features 6 waterproof colors with an easy-to-apply cream texture.

In addition to having high yield and perfect coverage, you can also choose between two sets with beautiful matte color variations.

According to the buyers, Handayan eyeshadows are easy to use, long lasting and dry evenly, without staining. That’s why it got the great score 4.8!

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