Where to buy iPhone much cheaper in 2022

Where to buy iPhone much cheaper in 2022

Having an iPhone is the wish of many people, but often the reality of an exorbitant price makes this dream go away.

That’s why today Deals from China teaches you how to buy a cheaper iPhone without taking the risk of buying a copy. Check out:

Where to buy cheap iPhone?

Everyone knows that any iPhone is superior to other smartphones on the market, but at the same time, an iPhone can also be much more expensive.

In the US, buying an iPhone 13 Pro costs about a thousand dollars, which is also an exorbitant amount if bought at the prices of smartphones of the same level.

The truth is that there was a time when buying an iPhone in the US was a good option, but due to the huge price increase, this is not so interesting anymore.

So where should I buy my iPhone?

When it comes to a very expensive product, the buyer’s bargaining power is what influences the final value, and so far, there is no better negotiator than Chinese stores.
Yes, Chinese stores have great bargaining power and, therefore, are able to offer iPhones and other Apple products at a lower price.

But for you not to fall into a trap and end up getting a fake, you need to buy your iPhone from a reputable store. That’s why we’re going to tell you 3 super reliable Chinese stores to buy a cheap iPhone on AliExpress. Check out:


On AliExpress since 2002, TOP CPE is one of the most trusted stores on the site. It has 92.6% positive reviews and nearly 200k very satisfied followers. Among the thousands of compliments, most buyers point out that TOP CPE ships the products with great speed and extreme care, in addition to selling iPhones and other Apple products at an excellent value.

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Comwingo has been present on AliExpress since 2014 and in this short period of time it already has more of 100k followers. And as proof of its reliability, Comwingo receives 94.6% of positive reviews, where most of the praise it’s due to great communication with the seller, the store’s great zeal for the goods, and the excellent value of the iPhones.

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HY Phone Store

With only one year of operation, HY Phone Store already has more than 100k super satisfied followers. And despite being the newest store on the list, HY Phone Store receives 93.2% of positive reviews. Among the feedbacks made by buyers, most talk about the high reliability of the store, the great speed of delivery and the excellent prices of the iPhones.

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