Black Friday: AliExpress’s top 5 best selling toys

Black Friday: AliExpress’s top 5 best selling toys

Black Friday is coming, and this is the ideal time for you to buy that very expensive gift that your child asks for so much.

On Black Friday AliExpress you’ll find Legos, Dolls, Carts, and even the famous Fisher-Price toys for a much cheaper price!

And to help you choose the best gift, we’ve created a list of the top 5 AliExpress toys. Check out:

Barbie Mermaid – Dreamtopia

We opened our list with the Barbie most desired by girls, the Mermaid Dreamtopia!

The charming Barbie Sereia brings a design that awakens the creativity of the little ones, in addition to drawing attention for being super-colored.

And in the Dreamtopia collection you can choose between different types of tail, including one that changes color, in addition to being able to opt for the Barbie Chelsea (child).

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Baby Reborn – Brastoy

Times change, but the truth is, girls still love to play at being a mommy. That’s why Reborn dolls are a big fad on AliExpress!

Baby Reborn Brastoy measures 48cm tall and is made of a material that imitates human skin.

This 100% silicone body is super resistant, non-toxic, and also ensures that the doll can take a bath with your little one.

In addition, it brings a magnetic pacifier, a baby bottle and a birth certificate!

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Remote Control Cart – Hero 08

Who out there has never dreamed of owning a remote control cart?

The stylish Hero 08 is capable of doing a lot of stunts, as it has 360º swivel wheels, a terrain sensor, and even manages to grip vertical surfaces.

In addition, this remote control cart brings night light and produces amazing sound effects.

And as a bonus, you can move the cart via the controller or a motion sensor glove!

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Pokémon Blocks – Funny Toy

And it’s time for a building block that will please girls and boys of all ages!

Pokémon Building Blocks are the perfect gift for little ones as they encourage creativity, concentration and fine motor skills.

Also, this is a super resistant toy and it’s very cheap on Black Friday AliExpress!

And at Funny Toy, you’ll find more than 50 “Legos” models to form Ash, Pikachu, Meow, or even a Poké Ball!

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Rock-a-Stack Tower – Fisher-Price

We closed our list with a toy that has become the Fisher-Price brand, the Rock-a-Stack!

This classic stacking toy features 5 colorful rings to grab, shake and stack.

Rock-a-Stack develops babies’ motor activity by encouraging them to stack the rings in the correct order.

Plus, this educational tower even features a rattle on the top ring and has a swinging base that challenges babies to knock it over!

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