Top 5 dolls to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 dolls to buy on AliExpress

Dolls are part of every girl’s childhood, whether they are plush, plastic or even the most modern made of silicone!

Did you know that you can find this variety of dolls for a very cheap price on AliExpress?

Check out the 5 best selling dolls on AliExpress:

Metoo Plush Mermaid

We opened our list with the girls’ favorite doll at bedtime!

This charming plush mermaid measures 15 inches and is perfect for girls of any age.

Besides being really cute, you can even choose between 4 stunning combinations and colors!

According to reviews, Metoo mermaids are very colourful, soft and well-stitched, so they get the excellent 4.9 rating on a 5 point scale.

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EIEIO Mini Articulated Dolls

Are you ready to fall in love? Meet the charming mini articulated dolls!

EIEIO dolls have 7 inches of pure beauty and have 13 joints to ensure very charming poses.

In addition to having super delicate clothes, you can choose from 30 models for girls and boys.

According to buyers, the EIEIO dolls are extremely well made, stylish and cheap, which earned them the incredible 4.9 rating!

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BJD Mini Dolls

Stop everything and come see the most charming and cheapest dolls on AliExpress!

These cute mini dolls are 7 inches tall and have 13 BJD joints.

In addition to having western and eastern designs, you can even choose from 30 models of girls and boys dolls!

Buyers guarantee that these mini dolls are an excellent gift, as they are cheap, beautiful and well made, so they receive the great 4.8 rating.

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Baby Reborn KEIUMI

Taking care of a baby is in the female DNA, which is why Reborn dolls are a fever among girls!

The KEIUMI Reborn measures 19 inches, is made of malleable silicone, and you can even choose the color of your baby’s eyes.

Plus, she comes with a magnetic pacifier, a baby bottle and a birth certificate.

According to the buyers, KEIUMI Redorn is very well made and fluffy, in addition to being washable, which makes the children happy. For being so versatile, this beautiful baby receives the impeccable 5 grade!

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Oriental Articulated Fradoo Doll

And we closed our list with the best selling doll on AliExpress!

Fradoo dolls are a rage for having a beautiful oriental design and having 20 joints.

These beautiful dolls are 12 inches, have non-toxic paint and even have a variety of 18 models to choose from!

According to the comments, Fradoo is very beautiful and has strong joints, in addition to being able to wear Barbie doll clothes. As an excellent value for money, it receives a great 4.8 rating!

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