Top 5 Engagement Rings to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 Engagement Rings to buy on AliExpress

Almost every woman dreams with the day she will receive the long-awaited engagement request.

Whether in a classic, modern, simple or exuberant way, the important thing is to celebrate and mark this moment with a beautiful engagement ring.

That’s why we’ve separated the 5 best and cheapest AliExpress engagement rings. Check out:

Yanhui Silver Ring

We opened our list with the cheapest AliExpress Genuine Silver Ring!

The Yanhui ring is certified 925 silver, which means it has a long lifespan.
Therefore, this semi-jewel is a great choice for an inexpensive but good quality engagement ring.

And for an unmistakable shine, this delicate ring has a special polishing and cutting.

According to the reviews, this is an excellent engagement ring at an affordable price. It has a great finish and inspires quality, which is why it received a 4.9 rating on a scale of 5 points!

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Newshe Engagement Ring Set

If you are looking for a different and tasteful engagement ring, you need to meet Newshe!

This charming set features two genuine silver rings that can be worn together or separately.

The Newshe features a large 7mm zirconia and 38 other shiny stones that create a delicate and very elegant set.

According to buyers, the Newshe is perfect for more modern women. The rings are extremely shiny, well made and very durable, which ensured the impeccable 5 score!

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Zack Custom Ring

If your future bride likes to be the center of attention, this glamorous ring is your best choice!

The Zack engagement ring is certified genuine silver and features a large moissanite stone.
This brilliant is the best replacement for a diamond as it is resistant and very shiny.

In addition, you can personalize the ring with the couple’s name and even choose between 2, 3 and 5 carat stones to make this an unforgettable day.

Buyers claim this gem passes any diamond test. They also praise the ring for being very bright and full of details, which is why it earned the excellent 4.9 rating!

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Atta Gems Engagement Ring

Stop everything and discover the most delicate engagement ring on AliExpress!

Atta Gems is known for making genuine and tasteful jewelry and semi-jewels. Therefore, this engagement ring is a hit among the most discreet brides.

This beautiful ring features a delicate 2 carat moissanite brilliant and can be purchased in models: silver, gold and white gold.

According to buyers, Atta Gems brings a brilliant that passes diamond tests, in addition to being very sophisticated. For being a real gem, it got the impressive 4.9 score!

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Oevas moissanite ring

And we closed our list with AliExpress’s best-selling engagement ring!

The Oevas ring features the most classic engagement ring design: the famous solitaire.

This delicate ring is produced in sterling silver that is certified 925. Plus, it features a charming 1 carat moissanite sparkle to create an elegant and discreet design.

According to the comments, the Oevas brings a brilliant and very well cut moissanite. And despite being a cheap engagement ring, it passes the diamond tests, so it got the incredible 4.9 rating!

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