Top 5 dollhouses to buy on AliExpress

Top 5 dollhouses to buy on AliExpress

Playing house is probably one of the oldest games girls play. That’s why doll houses are the perfect gift for our little ones.

They were once made of wood, but these days, we have loads of materials and dollhouse models to choose from!

Check out the 5 best-selling dollhouses on AliExpress:

Cute Bee’s Luxurious Rooms

We opened our list with the best selling dollhouse on AliExpress!

These amazing rooms are successful for their delicacy and their super realistic details.

Here, you can build your little house or even decorate your home with bedrooms, living rooms, music rooms, kitchens and even charming balconies with a pet!

According to the reviews, these little rooms are very realistic and have amazing detail, so they get a great 4.8 rating on a 5 point scale.

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Forest Family House

Our second place is for this amazing alternative to the Forest Family!

Sylvanian Families is a fad among girls, but buying all the pieces for their little house usually makes a fortune.

That’s why you can please your princess with furniture, a house, a full restaurant and even the famous Forest Family Bus House!

According to the buyers, the Forest Family house is very well made, beautiful and very economical. For being a great value for money, it got the excellent grade 4.9!

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Cute House Luxury Dollhouse

Stop everything and come see the most luxurious dollhouses on AliExpress!

If you are looking for a detailed and modern house, the Cute House wooden houses are a great option.

Here, you can choose from 30 luxurious models of super resistant houses that have all the furniture and even interior lighting!

Cute House dollhouses are described as being incredibly realistic and modern, so they are the perfect gift for any girl, which earned the 4.8 big rating!

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Blocks Castle

Is there anything cooler than a dollhouse? Yeah! A princess castle!

These beautiful princess castles are the ideal gift for the little ones, as they are quite resistant and still stimulate the imagination during montage.

In addition, you can choose from different models of castles, such as Cinderella, Frozen or Ariel, which contain from 250 to 1500 pieces!

According to buyers, these building castles are very colorful and have dazzling details, which earned them an incredible 4.9 rating.

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Princess’ Village Castles

We closed our list with a mix of styles that is guaranteed success, the castle house!

The Princess’ Village Castles feature the classic open model of a doll’s house, which guarantees plenty of space for games.

In addition to having great durability because they are entirely made of plastic, you can still choose between 2, 3 and 4 storey houses!

According to the reviews, Princess’ Village have a very nice design and are still quite resistant, so they got the big 4.8 rating.

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Bonus: Box Theater

Delicacy is on the rise, which makes this mini box theater a success on AliExpress!

In addition to being extremely detailed, this beautiful theater box also has special lighting!

Buyers report that the theater box is very well made and appeals to children and adults alike, so it receives an excellent 4.9 rating!

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