Top 10 best and cheapest makeup brushes from AliExpress

Top 10 best and cheapest makeup brushes from AliExpress

Makeup brushes are items present in the daily lives of women. After all, for an incredible make-up, a good brush is indispensable!

But if you think you need to pay a fortune to these allies, you are very wrong …

Discover the best and best selling makeup brushes on AliExpress now:

FLD brush kit

Raising a 4.7 score on a 5 scale, the kit with up to 15 Fld brushes is one of the best sellers on the site!

Their brushes are between 13 and 15 cm and are produced in plastic with nylon bristles, so they are described as being extremely soft and resistant.

They also have aluminum alloy for added stability and durability.

Another positive point mentioned in the comments is that the bristles do not fall off when they are washed!

This kit also has beautiful colors and a great marbled design! Available colors: black / white / pink / gold / pink / yellow.

In addition, it is unanimous that these makeup brushes are one of the cheapest on AliExpress!

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S-Fly brush kit

With an incredible approval rating of 4.9 , this kit with 10 brushes from S-Fly is one of the darlings of AliExpress!

It is formed by long brushes (between 15.17 and 17.6 cm) that have very resistant bristles. Therefore, Kabuki has won fans who repeat the purchase.

The set of brushes is described by buyers as being soft, firm and inexpensive. So it is a great cost-benefit!

It brings a simply charming retro design and is still finished in a beautiful champagne color.

In addition to being charming, the Kabuki has a huge differential … the wooden handle!

This whole set makes Kabuki a set of extremely resistant brushes, as well as beautiful and great for finishing.

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All for Beauties Store brushes kit

Having an approval rating of 4.6 , this kit with up to 15 brushes from the All for Beauties Store is very well accepted by consumers!

With medium / small size brushes, the kit appeals to those who want to invest little, but are looking for a good quality product.

Although small, between 13 and 15 cm, the brushes are very thin and, therefore, help in the details!

The brushes come with ultra-soft nylon bristles with aluminum alloy, as well as a beautiful marbled-style plastic handle.

Therefore, this set is described as resistant and extremely soft to the touch!

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Beautiful Alysa Store brush kit

With a great approval rating of 4.6 , the La Mille kit from the Beautiful Alysa Store is beautiful and very much appreciated.

The complete kit can be purchased with up to 20 brushes that are between 11 and 15 cm.

Your brushes are composed of a plastic handle that is very resistant , in addition to having nylon bristles.

You can also choose from 16 beautiful colors! Therefore, this kit is described by consumers as being simple, but very satisfying!

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All for Beauties Store brushes kit

This stylish kit from the All for Beauties Store has a great approval rating of 4.8 !

The Mermaid kit can be purchased with up to 11 brushes of around 16 cm, and draws attention for its design and quality.

His brushes are described as ultra soft and perfect, although the material of the handle seems a little fragile.

As for the structure, its body is made of plastic and its bristles are made of nylon. In addition, it still has a big difference … a mermaid tail !

You can even choose from a variety of gradient color combinations to have a lovely brush kit!

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Jessup Official Store Brush Kit

Reaching an incredible 4.8 note, the Jessup Official Store Deep Sea kit appeals to even the most demanding!

The complete kit includes up to 25 standard size brushes, and promises to be efficient for home or professional use.

The brushes are produced with a blend of natural and synthetic bristles, which provides a great experience and finishing. In addition, its cable is coated 7 times to ensure even more firmness and quality.

This kit is a luxury! It is inspired by the seabed and brings a pearly touch to your brushes, in addition to a metal alloy in rose gold color!

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BEILI Official Store brush kit

Coming to the incredible 4.9 approval, the BEILI Official Store kit is considered one of the best on AliExpress!

It is a professional use kit, with all the necessary qualities.

In addition to bringing a complete kit with up to 25 brushes, Beili still promises to deliver perfect results.

Its pieces have natural bristles that provide greater adherence to the products. So, your make will look amazing!

The synthetic bristle brushes also have an impeccable finish, which give greater precision to the makeup!

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BANFI Official Store Brush Kit

With the approval rating of 4.8 , this beautiful 7-piece kit from the BANFI Official Store is an eye candy!

With 15.5cm brushes and ultra soft bristles, Banfi brings all the precision and elegance of a home and professional kit.

This kit also has a beautiful case for the correct storage of the brushes, which prevents damage to the bristles.

The pieces are very resistant because they are composed of artificial bristles that do not fall. In addition, they have a reinforced aluminum alloy and a sturdy wood handle.

To rock even more, we can choose from six very beautiful colors!

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Zzdog Official Store Brush Kit

WWith a great score of 4.7 , the kit with up to 10 pieces from the Zzdog Official Store is practical and very beautiful.

A detail that draws attention in this kit are its cables that have transparency and a lot of brightness. So it is a very different kit from the others.

Its pieces have a great size, as they measure between 15.5cm and 19cm. In addition, they are composed of ultra-soft artificial bristles, aluminum alloy and acrylic handle.

According to comments, the bristles are very resistant and can be washed without fear! So this is a great brush kit!

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