5 gift ideas to spice up Valentine’s Day

5 gift ideas to spice up Valentine’s Day

It’s normal for every relationship to get a little monotonous over time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t discover new ways of having fun together.

And yes, Valentine’s Day is a great time to start changing things and, who knows, make the intimate moment much more fun for the couple.

Do not know where to start? No problem!
Today we are going to show you 5 gift ideas to spice up Valentine’s Day. Check out:

Sex dice game

Believe me, if anything can spice up your relationship, it’s Russian Dice!

Russian Dice is a super cheap gift that will make your Valentine’s Day much more interesting.

With it, just roll the dice and let fate choose the next sexual position, which makes the moment for two more fun and mysterious.

So this is the perfect novelty for couples who don’t want to fall into monotony!

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Female masturbator

A satisfied woman makes any man satisfied, so investing in female pleasure is the best way to spice up the relationship!

The Dolphin Vacuum Clitoris Masturbator is AliExpress’s top selling female sex toy.
It brings various powers, different types of suction, and it’s even waterproof!

According to buyers, Dolphin has the right potency and a favorable design to be used during intercourse, which makes things much more interesting for both partners.

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Male masturbator

Yes, there is also a gift for the boys on this list!

The Super Egg is a men’s favorite masturbator because it has the perfect consistency and fits any size.

In addition, each Egg has a different interior, so each one provides a unique and very pleasant feeling.

And if you don’t know which one to buy, no problem, the Super Egg is so cheap you can make a collection!

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Sex swing

Bold couples ask for bolder toys!

The sex swing is successful among couples who do not want to fall into monotony, as it allows several positions that would be uncomfortable without a little help.

And in addition to being a cheap sex swing, the new version brings head support and can hold up to 100kg!

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Sex Kit

And we close our list with the perfect kit to spice up Valentine’s Day!

Bomb is an online sex shop whose mission is not to let any relationship go cold.

Here, you can buy super cheap sex kits that come with handcuffs, whips, gags, vibrators and more.

And don’t worry, Bomb has kits for all tastes and pockets!

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