5 Fisher-Price toys to buy cheaper on AliExpress

5 Fisher-Price toys to buy cheaper on AliExpress

Fisher-Price is a pioneer in educational toys for children and babies, but it’s not always easy to find this multinational’s products at a good price, is it?

So we made a list of 5 Fisher-Price toys to buy cheaper on AliExpress. Check out:

Butterfly Dreams bedtime device

We’ve opened our list with the best naptime buddy!

Butterfly Dreams has a super soft teddy bear and a sensory device to lull the baby.

This hypoallergenic teddy bear was created to become a safe sleeping friend and can even be attached to the pacifier, ensuring a deeper connection with your little one.

The sensory device is capable of projecting lights that change colors, as well as playing music with super relaxing properties to ensure a peaceful and deep sleep!

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Sloth – interactive toy

Sloths are known to be quite slow, but this one was bred to develop babies’ agility and motor skills.

The Fisher-Price Sloth claps and mimics colored lights to the beat of 85 songs!

In addition, this fun toy speaks English phrases about the alphabet, numbers, opposites and colors.

So if you are looking for an interactive toy to unleash babies’ creativity, this is a great choice!

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Fisher-Price Musical Instruments

Did you know that music is essential for stimulating the communication skills of the little ones?

That’s why Fisher-Price has developed amazing musical instruments to unleash creativity.

Here you’ll find guitars and a drum and rattle kit that improve children’s motor skills and hearing.

Plus, you can buy a keyboard that features 10 songs and is even capable of imitating drum, piano and organ sounds!

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Laugh & Learn Interactive Coffee Cup

Is there anything more stimulating than a good cup of coffee?

This toy may be caffeine-free, but it’s loaded with a lot of fun learning!

The Laugh & Learn brings interactive songs and phrases and even introduces the alphabet and numbers for babies.

In addition, it emits lights that attract children’s attention and has a roller to develop motor coordination.

If you want to please babies, dads and moms, this is a great gift!

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Rock-a-Stack Educational Tower

We closed our list with a toy that has become the Fisher-Price brand, the Rock-a-Stack!

This classic stacking toy features 5 colorful rings to grab, shake and stack.

Rock-a-Stack develops babies’ motor activity by encouraging them to stack the rings in the correct order.

What’s more, this educational tower even features a rattle on the top ring and has a swinging base that challenges babies to drop it!

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