5 Affordable Skin Care Kits to Buy on AliExpress

5 Affordable Skin Care Kits to Buy on AliExpress

With the explosion of social networks, we are increasingly concerned about our image, right?

And since doing beauty treatments in a salon can cost you a small fortune, the alternative is to import skin care kits from China, as they are cheap and high quality.

That’s why today we’ve put together 5 affordable skin care kits to buy on AliExpress. Check out:

24K Gold Kit – Be-Yourself

We open our list with the top rated skin care kit on AliExpress!

Be-Yourself’s 24K Gold kit brings no less than 6 products based on hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide and allantoin, so they are able to return the beauty of your skin in a few days of use.

The 24K formula is a success because, while hyaluronic acid nourishes the deeper layers of the skin, allantoin (urea) prevents premature aging, and nicotinamide eliminates pimples.

Buyers’ Opinion

Scoring a top score of 5 points, the 24K kit is highly praised for leaving any type of skin radiant in just a few days of use, perfect for the puberty phase.

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Retinol Kit – JoyPretty

If you haven’t used Retinol-based creams yet, don’t waste any more time!

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that has the function of stimulating cell renewal, helping to prevent and treat aging.

The JoyPretty Skin Care Kit features four Retinol-based products that guarantee renewed skin in 28 days, reducing wrinkles and expression lines, as well as improving skin elasticity.

Buyers’ Opinion

Buyers guarantee that the JoyPretty kit gives results from the first use, which is not common to see in such a cheap skin care kit, which is why it receives the impressive 4.9 rating.

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Vitamin C Kit – JoyPretty

And it’s time for another great JoyPretty hit, the Vitamin C kit.

Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant that, unfortunately, we consume less and less. Therefore, those looking for smooth skin without expression lines, need to invest in lotions based on it.

And knowing the importance of Vitamin C for the skin, JoyPretty created this formula that also brings nicotinamide, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent capable of reducing blemishes and pimples.

Buyers’ Opinion

Despite being very cheap, JoyPretty’s Vitamica C kit presents visible results in a few days of use, leaving the skin smoother and hydrated, which resulted in the excellent 4.9 score.

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Sakura Laikou- Unfading Flowers Kit

Stop everything and come meet the responsible for the perfect skin of many Japanese women, the Sakura kit!

The Sakura Laikou kit is rich in Sakura essence, an enzyme that reduces pores, eliminates blackheads and pimples, and makes the skin more moist and smooth. Sakura glycosides also diminish blemishes and help with oxidation resistance, leaving skin looking younger for longer.

In addition, the Sakura Laikou kit also brings an astringent tonic capable of cleaning pores deeply, removing dirt, oil and makeup, which prevents aging.

Buyers’ Opinion

The Sakura kit is highly praised for having a perfect consistency, fast absorption and visible results in just a few days of use. In addition, it reduces pimples, so it deserves the great 4.8 rating.

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French Snail Kit – Unfading Flowers

And we close our list with the cheapest and best selling skin care kit on AliExpress!

The French Snail kit brings three serums that unite the powerful hyaluronic acid with the famous snail collagen, forming the perfect composition for skin rejuvenation.

While hyaluronic acid nourishes the deeper layers of the skin, snail collagen works by retracting the tissue, giving the face a more youthful look and eliminating expression lines.

Buyers’ Opinion

French Snail shows results in the first days of use, in addition to deeply hydrating the skin and creating a lasting lifting effect, which earned it the great 4.8 score.

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