10 products to increase productivity at home office

10 products to increase productivity at home office

Working from home is one of the wonders of the modern world, but it can become a problem for those who don’t follow the rules or don’t have all the tools to do so.

To perform your work with mastery even while at home, you need:

  • Remember ergonomics.
  • Have good lighting.
  • Take breaks throughout the day.
  • Use technology to your advantage.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy.
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing.
  • Know when to close your workday.
  • And in addition to following these rules to ensure your health, you can also purchase products that make all this easier. Check out:

    Comfortable chair

    We open our list with an essential item for those who work from home, a good chair.

    There is nothing worse than sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair, because in addition to being very uncomfortable, it can cause serious postural problems.

    And so that doesn’t happen, you can buy the famous gaming chairs, as they are designed to maintain a good posture for hours and hours.

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    Gel Seat Cushion

    And if you didn’t want/can’t buy a new chair, or the home office is for a determined time, it’s worth investing in a good Gel Seat Cushion.

    These cushions are designed to help with posture and prevent spine deformation, and make the chair seat much more comfortable for long-term use.

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    Swivel monitor base

    Did you know that if the monitor is not at the right height, you could have cervical problems?

    That’s right, the monitor needs to be at eye level so you don’t have to force your neck up or down, which causes vertebrae injuries, in addition to giving you a good headache.

    And to prevent that from happening, there’s nothing better than a monitor base that is fully articulating. So, you can leave the monitor in the position you need, regardless of its height.

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    Wrist rest

    Another item that few people have, but that can avoid many problems, is the wrist rest.

    Those who work at home offices spend hours typing, which can cause pain and inflammation if the worker does not have good support in front of the keyboard.

    But, it’s not just any support that will prevent the dreaded tendinitis. For this, it needs to be a quality support, with an ergonomic design and a good memory foam, like the product in the photos above.

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    And since we talk about rest, our feet also suffer a lot when we spend hours sitting, and their bad positioning can still generate the dreaded cramps.

    In order not to have circulatory problems while sitting, a good way out is to invest in a footrest that has an ergonomic design and memory foam that prevents deformities.

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    Desk Organizers

    Nothing gets in the way of a workday more than not finding what you need, right?

    A messy desk makes you waste time looking for what should be at your disposal, in addition to making you angry, which slows down the pace of work.

    That’s why you need to invest in a good desk organizer to be more productive at home, like the product we showed you above.

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    Desk lamp

    To ensure that your work yields more, and that it does not harm your health, a tip is to bet on well-lit environments.

    A poorly lit desk can strain your vision and generate those famous tired eyes, which is one of the biggest problems for those who work at home, but it can be avoided.

    The Baseus luminaire, for example, can be adjusted in various positions, allows the adjustment of light intensity, and even creates a protection against blue light, so it avoids various vision problems.

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    Wireless mouse

    Is there anything worse than that mouse wire that gets in the way right in the middle of the table?
    And that wireless mouse that runs out of battery in the middle of the report?

    Yes, even that can be a source of stress while working from home, so it’s good to take a look at AliExpress’ wireless mouse options.

    There, we find a wide variety of ergonomic, economical mouse that will no longer interfere with your work, such as the rechargeable mouse by iMice.

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    Headphone with ANC

    Studies show that for every distraction we have at work, it takes us about 23 minutes to get back to our original task, so we need to avoid them as much as possible.

    Yes, we know how difficult this is, since when we work from home we hear everything that happens around us, but we can use a headset with ANC modes as an ally.

    ANC headphones silence all the sounds around us, so they are perfect for you not to hear the TV from the living room, the dogs barking, and everything else that hinders your concentration.

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    Virtual Assistant

    And since we talk about distractions, we close our list with an item that came to improve our life, and to give that support at home office, the virtual assistant.

    Virtual assistants like Alexa (Amazon Echo Dot), Siri (Apple), and Google Home can help you during work hours by remembering your tasks at the right time, reporting news and answering questions, and playing music to relax.

    And if you have compatible smart devices, they can still turn appliances on/off, close curtains, brew coffee, and more. All this without you having to interrupt your work.

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