10 Amazing Children’s Day gifts to buy on AliExpress

10 Amazing Children’s Day gifts to buy on AliExpress

Are you looking for a cheap and super different toy that will be successful with the kids?
Then check out these children’s day gifts that are on sale on AliExpress!

On AliExpress you can find strollers, dolls and children’s games for a much cheaper price, and you can even split your purchases and even have free shipping!

Check out now 10 gifts for children’s day that you can find on AliExpress for a bargain:

Gift for everyone

Rocket Bubble Gun

We open our list with the best selling toy on AliExpress!

If you want to buy a cheap gift for Children’s Day that guarantees hours of healthy fun, you need to know the Rocket Bubble Gun!

This amazing bubble gun can be compared in four versions: cannon with 69 holes, super cannon with 136 holes, auto cannon with 36 holes rotating and the cannon with music.

All of them are made with child-safe materials, have an ergonomic design that won’t hurt your hands, and have a rechargeable battery.

Buyers’ Opinion

Incredible effect! Children are delighted with this soap bubble gun! A lot of bubbles come out and the gun has a light that creates a multicolored effect, which secured the great 4.8 rating.

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LCD board

If you were a kid back in the 90s, you certainly drew it on a magic slate, didn’t you?

But unlike that comic where everything was checkered, this “tablet” has a high definition LCD screen and a special pen that is capable of creating thin and extremely accurate lines.

This 8.5-inch screen also features anti-glare technology and a button that erases the entire drawing in a single touch, in addition to having a variety of 6 bezel colors!

Buyers’ Opinion

The ideal gift for children in the literacy phase! Cheap, functional product, with great construction and a design that appeals to children. All these qualities ensured the great 4.8 grade.

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Building blocks (magnetic)

There are things you can only find on AliExpress, and one of them is this amazing set of magnetic building blocks!

Building blocks are playful toys that help children develop hand-eye coordination and creativity.

And these magnetic building blocks are a hit on AliExpress for attracting even more attention from the little ones and for allowing different types of construction, from animals to castles.

Buyers’ Opinion

Great gift for developing children! The pieces are big, which is great to avoid accidents, well finished and have a very strong magnet, so they deserve the great rating 4.7.

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Pokémon Building Blocks

And it’s time for a building block that will please girls and boys of all ages!

Pokémon building blocks are the perfect gift for older children, as they stimulate concentration and form their favorite characters, making it a beautiful collection.

That’s because you can choose from more than 50 “Lego” models to form Ash, Pikachu, Meow, Bulbasaur or even a Poké Ball!

Buyers’ Opinion

Just perfect! Despite being small, they fit perfectly and are so beautiful and well made that they serve as decoration, which is why they received the great 4.8 rating.

– Buy the cheapest Pokémon building blocks on AliExpress by clicking here.



Better than a dollhouse, just a buildable dollhouse!

Ensure hours of family fun assembling this beautiful dollhouse.

It brings 1018 pieces that can be transformed into 3 types of simply amazing houses, with furniture, dolls and even a pool with a slide!

Buyers’ Opinion

Think of a perfect dollhouse! It’s easy to assemble, brings furniture and objects full of details, as well as decorations, characters and even a pet. For that, it deserves the amazing 4.9 rating.

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Baby Reborn

And to take the game to another level, check out this amazing Baby Reborn!

Baby Reborn Keiumi is 100% handmade, produced with non-toxic materials and a super real silicone to the touch. This exclusive composition, in addition to being safe, also allows the doll to take a bath, which increases children’s interactivity.

This delicate baby measures 48 cm and comes with: 1 bottle, 1 pacifier with magnet, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks, 1 diaper, 1 plush toy, 1 set of clothes and 1 Birth Certificate.

And besides being able to choose between 10 models, including 2 boys, you can still choose the eye color of this super cheap Baby Reborn!

Buyers’ Opinion

Zero defects! Very well made doll and full of details. Everything about it is beautiful, from clothes to accessories. For being an unforgettable gift for Children’s Day, it received the amazing 4.9 grade.

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Mini Articulating Dolls

I DOUBT you’ve ever seen cuter dolls than these!

Oriental mini dolls are a fever on AliExpress, as they have such delicate features and clothes that they have become the favorites of girls, in addition to having become a collector’s item.

These cuties are 16cm tall, have a fully articulated body capable of doing different poses, and even have a variety of 17 beautiful models.

Buyers’ Opinion

A delicacy of gift! Despite being cheap, these dolls are super well made and full of charming details. For being an excellent value for money, they collected the great score 4.8.

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Action figures and carts

Naruto Collectibles Kit

Yeah, folks, the anime is back with everything. And, once again, Naruto makes the kids head!

Regardless of your child’s village, he will love these Naruto collectibles.

This exclusive 12-piece kit features 7cm tall miniatures of the series’ main characters, including: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki, of course!

Buyers’ Opinion

Impressive quality for the price paid! The miniatures are super well done, the paintwork has no flaws and the arms and head move. Because it was better than expected, it scored an incredible 4.9.

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Marvel spin dolls

And while we’re talking modern classics, check out these Marvel dolls!

These 18cm spin dolls are able to rotate their upper body 360 degrees, and even have articulating arms that move in all directions.

Choose between the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Spiderman doll to gift your child this Children’s Day, or take advantage of the low price and buy the entire collection!

Buyers’ Opinion

Kids love these Marvel dolls! They are cheap, sturdy, well made and so well painted that they look like a famous brand, which is why they received the excellent 4.9 rating.

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Remote Control Cart

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a remote control car?

The Shining Twist Car is capable of performing various stunts, as it has special 360º rotating wheels, a powerful terrain sensor, and it also has technology to adhere to vertical surfaces.

Also, this remote control car brings night light and produces amazing sound effects.

And as a bonus, you can guide him through the controller or through a motion-sensing glove!

Buyers’ Opinion

Excellent product! Children go wild with it, and adults too! It’s fast, robust and takes on any terrain, and it even comes with batteries, so it deserves the big note 4.8.

– Buy this cheap remote control cart on AliExpress by clicking here.